Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Eric Breindel takes on Holocaust Minimizers

Most anti- semites have enough brains to steer clear of the Holocaust. They avoid a the subject and move straight to Israel. Unfortunately , I get to read the Beavis
(Mr 167 IQ ) and Butthead (Simon Jones) of anti semitism. These verbose neaderthal knuckleheads love to dance around the Holocaust.

Briendel 06-21-91

" Still, there is a lot to be learned from the annex- particularly as it regards the cocerns, predjudices and priorities of at least one of the reports star authors, Dr Ali Mazrui, a political scientist and an Africanist who hold the Albert Schweitzer Chair at Suny Binghamton.

Prof Mazrui comment focuses on the generally accepted meaning of the term Holocaust. He deplores as Judeo- centric the tendency to use it to solely refer to what he describes as the 12 year experience of the Jews under Nazi intolerance,

In Mazrui's view it is critical that this term not be reserved exclusively for the Jewish experience. According to the professor American children need to know that genocide was part of the birth of this nation.

He insists that the Holocaust begins at home

Some may note an immediate flaw in Mazrui's argument . Obviously there is another readily available term that serves the professor's purpose - the one he uses initially genocide."

An aside to those who would like to hear how Native American's themselves on this issue can go to Bad Eagle. Dr David Yeagley runs a site and disagrees with Mazrui's
assesment. The topic has been discussed at length by Native Americans on Bad Eagle.
The Native American experience was a dreadful chapter in our history but it does not compare with the Holocaust.

" Thus whether or not its appropriate or not to teach school children genocide was integral to Americas birth (it is doubtful that NY parents actually want this notion handed down to their children as accepted wisdom )Mazrui himself demostrates that it isn't necessary educationally or symantically to broaden the meaning of the term
Hollocaust thus depriving it of its Judeo - Centric charachter. Why then is Mazrui dead set on fighting this battle ? Why is he so disturbed by the fact that Holocaust has come to describe the mass murder of 6,000,000 Jews by Hitler and his collaborators ? Wherefrom this obsession- an obsession so pronounced as to provoke him into submitting a seperate annex to a long public doccument ?

As it happens Jewish scholars and essayists came rather late (the second half of the 1950's ) to view that one specific term Holocaust ( or, in Hebrew Shoah) should be used to refer to the Nazi slaughter ."



Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...


They are hopeless, it's like talking to a wall. Their people are always right even when they are wrong.

It was entertaining for a few days but I am getting bored.....

Jason_Pappas said...

It’s amazing how the left is just full of nihilistic hatred. I wish moderate leftists, if they can’t come over to the right, would at least speak out and distance themselves from the far left. For the sake of partisan unity, moderates are soft on the crazies.

Keep exposing these crazies - sunlight is the best disinfectant.

beakerkin said...

At least you didn't attract trolls
but remember they are out there. As
a Jewish Republican I get trolled often .

The problem with the left is they do not look at themselves. A couple
of nice liberals were telling me
that the left is not anti semitic.

On the Disgruntled Chemists excellent blog there is an idiot
who posts on Israel and Holocaust
minimization. The liberals do not see that as a problem. You can bet
every last penny that if you or I
did anything close on slavery there
would be a war. I am not a conservative but when people are so
far out of the mainstream it makes
me look like one.

beakerkin said...


You have got to see this lunatic
Simon Jones blog. I think his goal
in life is to be in the cranks hall
of fame.

The Recidivist has now started to attack Richard Poe. Poe is not Jewish and is amused because he doesn't even write about Israel much.

He was laughing at how a person could call someone else a moron and write 85 word sentences with thirteen commas said...

Thats it Beaker boy, you have entered the blogathon of greatness


beakerkin said...


I wish that there were a site with his writings. I get asked about his Kristal Nacht in Crown Heights
all the time. It changed the perception of the Crown Heights riot.

Sadly only NYC residents have any knowledge of Breindell.

Elijah said...

A friend of mine who worked on the railroad had a couple of fellow workers who were outright rascists, and i had the opportunity to meet two of them.
I was blown away by their hatred.
Jews, blacks it didnt matter.

beakerkin said...

The funny part is that he swears I am a homophobe and a racist. You read almost zero on those subjects

He thinks Warren is a Mormon and uses it as an insult. Let me understand it is OK to use Mormon as an epithet but racist to call Palestinians Arabs. The logic of this eludes me but I am a mortal.

Elijah said...

Far from being an expert on these matters, but aren't palestinians arabs?

beakerkin said...

Palestinians are Arabs and the PLO
charter itself says so in dozens of places. The Recidivist peddles the lie of a Palestinian ethnicity.

There is zero relation of modern Palestinians to Phillistines. Palestinians speak Arabic , practice Sunni Islam and have a historical identity from 1964.

Compare this to Jews who go back 4000 years , have a unique language and religion.

Elijah said...

Funny to hear warren referred to as a mormon,as if this was implicit in his posts, or something to be derided at all. I know zero about mormons,and certainly wouldnt judge a person if he was mormon or not.Warrens posts are always interesting and anything but bigoted, as are the posts here.

Warren said...

I haven't bothered to reply to the accusation.

I once used a source that explained why a genetic study, that was financed by the Mormons, failed.

The study failed, (that was the point).

167 tried to discredit the study failing to understand, (once again), my point.

He latched on to the word Mormon and used it as an epithet, like nigger, kike, wop, etc.

Shows you where he's coming from!

I grew up living next door to a Mormon/LDS (Ladder Day Saints), family.

They were good people.

I'll admit that some of their practices seemed strange to me, but so what? They didn't kill people in the name of God, or continence honor killings. They never disrespect my religion and they were charitable in the extreme.

They once took in a sick hobo by the name of Pete. They cared after him and boarded him until his death, almost a year later.