Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Restoring The Fun to this Site

Recently all the fighting and back and forth have detracted from the fun nature of this blog. This blog was well known for its lively posts before a series of troll related events disrupted the lively spirit this blog was known for.

One of the long forgotten features of this site was the long forgotten Hot Seat interviews. Florian has done an excellent job of continuing the spirit and style of the interview series.

I have a special guest who claims his business has been impacted by all the negativity and petty squabling going on in our circle of friends. In a tragic case of mistaken identity his business has hurt by recent events.

I would like to make a special invite to everyone not named John Brown,Socrates or Greg. Those of you who were former commenters are welcomed in for this special interview.A fun time will be had by all with one possible exception.

MZ, this invite even includes you and I assure you that none of the levity will be at your expense.


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for this opportunity to set the record straight regarding a certain imposter who has been going around the Internet attempting to distort and diminish my web presence. Apparently, this imposter has stolen my avatar and even created a pardody site of my blog. I think he's trying to muscle in on my ever growing and expanding base of customers seeking to establish or expand their web presence.

Now, as any expert in establishing web presences can tell you, one must not only establish their web presence, but also maintain it. And I haven't arrived at the pinnacle of the web presence establishment profession by letting some third rate imposter go about casting aspersions on my good name and character!

So let me simply state, for the record, that I, Gert Mayers, have the largest web presence on the Internet today. And do NOT, repeat, do NOT, fall for the foul antics of that vile imposter who frequently impersonates me and misrepresents my web presence.

Now, I will answer any general questions from anyone out there or questions concerning the establishment and maintenance of a professional and/or humongous web presence and/or protecting it from those who might attempt to defame it.

...and ladies, just so you know, I am available...**wink, wink**

ps - For professional consultations, I can be reached here.

beakerkin said...

We will set up the interview for Friday. Everyone is invited except
for John Brown, Socrates and Greg.

I would like to offer a special invite to Nanc and Freedomnow to join in for this special event.

I would like to offer a special invite to MZ as well. Prior to recent events you and I never had a squable. You have your calling, but understand that others see things differently. If I need to walk away due to some differences over present company you should respect that. You have your own history with the person in question and should be somewhat more understanding of those with similar histories.

American Crusader said...

Sounds great beak...
Sometimes a little house clearing is needed.
I've always enjoyed your interviews.

Anonymous said...

As it so turns out, I too am a victim of exactly what you're talking about, only it's on a separate forum that is ran by a newspaper. I've been banned twice, and there's been threats involved, too. Making a long story short, I may be involved shortly in a civil lawsuit but will be defending and laying witness to a fellow local blogger, who is suing because her real name is being villified on this forum, and the newspaper's editor persists on not removing the posts.

Keep up the fine work in blogging and just ignore those that want to interfere, and obviously don't have anything better to do with their lives.

beakerkin said...

Steve I had no idea that our dust storms were ruining a man's business. I only had my privacy invaded but we are talking about Bert's career.

FLORIAN said...

Is Bert really Gert?
His avatar looks eerily similar!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Can you give me the HTML code that punches people in the mouth when they load a certain webpage?

FLORIAN said...

Beak I think you're being taken for a ride by this "BERT". Check your sitemeter.
I won't interview him--and you shouldn't either. He has a severe bi-polar disorder. I can't believe you'd fall for this.

beakerkin said...

Bert claims that Gert has stolen his concept and giving his business a bad name. I think Bert's avatar look's much better than Gert's.

Bert seems to be serious about his business of developing a web presence. The only thing I see on that other site is cut and paste attacks on Israel and a post or two about Homophbia. Bert writes all his posts and has much better social skills.

If you want to develop your web presence see Bert. If you want an empty blog the other site will do.

beakerkin said...


Gert visits from Tredington and is clearly not Bert. Bert also has a well developed sense of humor and social skills. These are qualities Gert lacks and has never displayed.

I think you should read my interview first and reconsider.

Mr B save some material for the interview. Quote Kuhnkat HAHAHAHAHA

FLORIAN said...

Your sitemeter has Gloucester, England on it for today. It's the same pathological guy. Can't you see that?

beakerkin said...


Gert visits around two or three times every day.He has a list of Beaker, MZ quotes and a stack of Florian stuff.

However, he has never once displayed and comedy, social skills, coherent thought. Its the confusion of people that think Gert is Bert that is the problem. When did Gert ever write anything original, intelligent or witty?

Lets read the interview and give the man a chance to clear his name.
Nobody has ever accused Gert of possesing any social skills.

I say wait till Friday. He will tell all of us how to enhance our web presence. He will be reviewing sites and Avatars.

Keep an open mind.

No doubt Gert will be here claiming Bert is an imposter. I think Gert is satiring Bert.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I sometimes call myself Gert, and at other times Bert. My actual name is Egbert. My Dad calls me Bert and my mother Gert.

Bi-Polar? What's that?

Anonymous said...

Oooops, I almost forget. Be ever mindful of developing you web presence! It's the key to a succesful.... web presence.

beakerkin said...

Bert I see the confusion that is hurting your business. Now Bi polar is not a reference to an alternative lifestyle. Bipolar is a mental health term.

This Gert fellow has everyone confused, but we will attempt to clear this up on Friday. I am sure Gert will be very upset at this turn of events. He is very jealous of Bert.

Anonymous said...

That would explain a lot of things...

beakerkin said...

It is unclear who is the genuine article. Gert is probably composing an over the topscreaming response aimed at Bert.

I can envision it now alot of nasty comments about yellow people with oversized Gourd shaped heads.
Gert is rumored to have an oversize head. However, this would appear to be some form of Gourd envy.

No doubt he will be here screaming he is not anti-gourd or a gourdophobe or a gourdosexual. Does anyone honestly care if the who has a lust in his heart for gourds?

Jams Odonnel and Mr Beamish stated that gourds are not evil. I even remember Mr B posting a gourd recipie. If we went through Jam's site we may even find pictures of Gourds reproducing perhaps with the aid of birds or bees. This type of activity may offend gourdophobes.

Always On Watch Two said...

Oh, interviews are coming back to this site? Yee-haw!

FLORIAN said...

About time Beak restores this site to it's former splendor! I always loved the interviews. Guess we'll see what Egbert has to say on Friday? I need to learn how to get traffic flowing to my site anyways.

kuhnkat said...

Mother calls him Gert and Father calls him Bert???

Bert is a hard working social skilled, nice guy.

Gert is a flaming MORON with no social skills??

Naaawww, no bi-polar there!!


Can't wait to hear his Political and Moral views!!!

beakerkin said...


You will still be doing the interviews. You are doing an excellent job, but it takes time.

Lets assume for a second Gert is Bert or Bert is Gert. As I am in moderation nothing he says will get out.

On one level I really do feel sorry for him. He wants to have friends and attention but he just doesn't know how to do it the right way.

He needs to look at Ducky, even Nanc looks forward to his post. Steve Harkonen invites him to our convention and trusts him enough to email him.

He has two things he should appologize for and move ahead.

1 The attack on Florian was overthe top and unprovoked.

2 It is never excsable to make terrorist threats

I would rather he do those things and move on and post elsewhere.
He has come looking for peace, but needs to realize the threats and the unprovoked attacks on Florian
were just over the top.

He should study the Duck. The Duck gets his points across without pissing anyone off to much other than me but that is part of the site.

He knows he is hated and that is not a good feeling. People tend to get real pissed when they are threatened.

kuhnkat said...


what's to doubt??? Why he has been on blogger since WAAAAAAAAY back in 2007!!!


So Beakerkin, are you trying to set us up??


beakerkin said...


Bert has lost business due to the antics of Gert. We will be focusing on developing a web presence.

We are trying to help a person who has lost business due to the dust storms here.

How does a person with no comments on his site become an expert on developing a web presence? Then again there aremany web questions/

FLORIAN said...

KuhnKat: Yeah--can't wait for this "interview". Political and moral views? As in the morality of having gay all-nighter orgies?

Just remember this Beaker: I banned the SOB for outing your name and attacking you on my blog. I'd hope to see you do the same should EGBERT return to his bi-polar tendencies.

Warren said...

eye bee corn fuseded!

And when do I get some of these web presents?

Fariq Ali Musad said...

I believe Bert needs a camel not a roommate

Always On Watch Two said...

Off topic....I've given you the Thinking Blogger Award!

Anonymous said...

I'm NOT GAY! Really! That is simply a malicious LIE being spread by the vile imposter!

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone always imply that? My web presence is very, very NOT GAY!

beakerkin said...

How does a web presence turn into something Gay or not gay? Isn't it merely an attribute.

On to another topic I have been called Gay, a pedophile, a self loathing Jew, a traitor to the Jewish people, Nazi and Fascist. None of these terms bothers me because such talk is idiocy.

How does one that lectures others about homophobia go off screaming I
AM NOT GAY. The reality is that an evolved person would state so??
Is ranting that you are not gay homophobic?

Who cares who is gay?

The same person screaming about being called a Communist and Antisemite freely calls others Fascist, Nazis and Extreemists. The whole thing started when the dolt called me the "ubersmurf of anti-communism" on a site I never visited.

If you are going to hurl the abuse you better be prepared to take some of your own medicine.

Gay or not Gay doesn't matter, lack of social skills and class does.

Anonymous said...

He sounds a little hompohobic if you ask me. Why else would you keep insisting?...

beakerkin said...


I see it that way myself. Who cares who he sleeps with. Would it matter if he was a heterosexual nut who keep on attacking people for no reason and issuing terrorist threats?

The problem is not Gay it is the terrorist threats and over the top attacks. Moreover, the gay stuff started only after the terrorist threats on Freedomnow. Moreover, I am not sypathetic as Gert knows the stuff John Brown calls me is far worse. Only I do not stalk John Brown or belly ache. I complain about spam and that is another story.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I think bert is going to win in the web presents contest. Have you seen all those great suggestions at bert's site?

Anonymous said...

He's still pushin' the "I'm not gay!" thing though. Although I have to admit, the guy is a kind of a chick magnet.

beakerkin said...

Bert seems to provide evidence he is interested in women but then there was that photo at the bottom.

Gert is clearly jealous of Bert. No wonder he is trying to satire the guy. Or is Gert really Bert satirizing himself? Original thinking and creative content are not things Gert is known for.

I think Gert is envious of Bert.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the photo w/him & Pam looks posed. As for the nightclub thing, I'll bet it was one of the Cage Aux Folles places w/the impersonators. The guy probably only wants us to think he might be straight... like Michael Jackson, Bert Reynolds or Prince.

beakerkin said...

This guy even had stutes made of him. Can Gert top that????? No wonder he is soooo jealous.

Or is this a creation of Gert. Did he place his real photo on the avatar? We may have to send Leonard Nimoy out in search of who is the genuine article?