Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mark Steyn America Alone part 2

I am 3/4 through the book and I am struck by the gloom on the horizon for Europe. Justin's prediction of five years may seem more probable than my fifty. Allready there are some Danes fleeing to Australia and Canada.

I handle family based petitions at work but so far these cases have not crossed my desk en masse. I do see Caribs leaving the UK and France regularly. I have no idea what to make of that.

The Europeans have two choices adapt or flee. In theory those who wanted to get away from Islam could go to a less Muslim frindly place like Poland. The more probable destinations are Canada and Australia.

The problem with the European left is its need to make moral equivalences. Islam is not like your own religion. There is no mass movement to make a Christian Theocracy.
The idiotic small Jewish theocracy crowd restricts its deranged Jewish Utopia to Israel. Do note that Kahanism is the opinion of a small vocal minority of deranged nuts. It is not the opion of the vast majority of Orthodox Jews like the Beloved Rav Roov whose birthday is today.

There is some irony in that the European far left will be dealing with its own version of Israel's problem. The French riots was an intifada and resolved in David Dinkins style. Rather than send police to do their job, the French alowed their country to burn for pays. The funiest quote was found by a coworker "get the police out of the occupied territories". What makes this funny was this was an Algerian immigrant talking about occupied territories in FRANCE.

The reality is that such riots often create a backlash. In NYC they resulted in Mayor Guiliani being elected. In France it seems like Sarkozy is being embraced as a law and order candidate. However, Muslims have promised to riot if he wins. Sarkozy
also has some Jewish blood that anti-semitic Euros will be making a large issue of.
Oddly they made no such issue of Gomer Kerry's Joooish roots.

The problem is irreversable and the steps needed to address the problem are unthinkable to Europeans. The first step is workfare. If you want a handout and government services go to work. People who are working have less time to plot jihad.
The work should also be as menial and hard as possible. The next part is to loosen work place rules to allow for firings and hirings. This might provide some economic growth. Deport and denaturalize criminals and illegal aliens. Residing in a host country does not give one the right to criminal activities.

Given the European far left's brain impairment none of the above will happen.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Ducky said...

Make sure the jobs you give Algerians are as menial and hard as possible?

That's very enlightened Beak. That should stop the discontent. No opportunities to recruit for jihad and rioting with a plan like yours.

beakerkin said...

Ducky the idea of workfare is for the person to find private sector work. Menial labor is no less demeaning that handing a person welfare payments at the subsistence level forever.

If you want to get your handouts you have to work no excuses. If you do not like the job you are given find a better one or leave.

The notion of allowing the entire world to emigrate and sit on welfare forever is foolhardy. People who work for a living do not have time to riot.

Almost none of the people arrested in the LA and Crown Heights riots had jobs.

You must study the new economic guru Beamishnomics. Employed people do not riot.

Anonymous said...

They'd better hope there's somebody left in France to send them their Social Security and welfare checks...

kuhnkat said...

Ya gotta realise Ducktardo, ignorant Mooooslims do not think ahead to the point where they run off those who pay their bills!!!

They will wake up when the checks stop coming and their Imams are telling them to invade the US to get FED!!!