Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Luck Rob

I was saddened to learn a good friend has closed shop. Warren and I were friends of Rob's before others jumped on the bandwagon later. I will miss his humor and his spelling which is almost as bad as my own.

It was always fun to share a laugh about American Idol and a forgotten segment whose team sucks. I am begining to think Rob had a point about the NY Knicks being the worst. Even if they make the playoffs they still stink.

Rob has grown as a person and as a man. Many of us live a life of excuses. Rob went out and got a GED and is looking to better his life.

I hope wherever he goes that from time to time he checks in.


Always On Watch Two said...

Too bad!

I didn't visit Rob's site all that often. But I occasionally stopped by.

I hope that he still shows up here, from time to time.

beakerkin said...

I will miss his sense of humor. I was often the subject of his humor but it was good natured.

Possum has also closed shop. She was an amazing writer and excellent person. People drift in and out but I miss both.

Elmer's Brother said...

do you know why rob closed up?

beakerkin said...

Rob has closed a few times before.
However, he has decided to take control of his life. He had been on disability for a while.

He passed the GED and has been actively looking for work. I miss having him around but he is trying to change his life for the better.

In many ways I wish he still had his site so we could all tell him how proud we are of him. Many of us drift through life, but he has decided to take charge one step at a time.

I miss his humor.

Elmer's Brother said...

I would like to continue to hear and read from him as well. Do you know his email address? Can you ask him to email me?