Friday, March 16, 2007

Gays, Ghosts,Goblins and hypocrites

I am constantly amazed at the big deal some of us make over homosexuality. The fact that someone is gay tells me almost nothing about the person. It does not tell me if the person is a dullard or a dimwit. The fact that someone is or isn't gay doesn't tell me if the person is a lowlife.

I seldom talk about commenters I admire but familiar readers will know exactly who I am talking about. One of the commenters I admire the most is a retired US Army Chaplin and father. He is well known for his class, dignity, humor and intellect. All that know him are quite honored and respect him greatly. His comments are among the best I see on any blog. I am proud to call the man a friend and I do not say that about many of the commenters.

If you were to take the known facts about my life and his and use the standard gay stereo types it would appear more probable that I am gay. I lived in the Village and it has been knows as a gay district for decades. I often attend live theatre and frequent art museums. I have no children and would like to keep it that way. I have never served in the US military. I am not religious in any description. I did enjoy the music of Freddy Mercury even though it cracks me up at times. Despite all those stereotypes I am still heterosexual and my good friend is not.

A person's morality is determined by the life they lead. My friend is a religious person and he is widely respected for his class and dignity. When he talks of God it is with the love and compassion that typifies a true believer. This person does not merely spout words about God, they live the life. I respect genuine religious people who live the life and do not condescend to others who do not.

When I think of my friend I remember the person who reminded me there was no shame in running on 9-11. If there was shame in running on that day I have plenty of company. When I think of that person I think of a person who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes. Does the fact that my friend is gay change any of this. No.

I have known many gay people as most New Yorkers. Amazingly the Gay Republicans take more heat for being Republican than being Gay. Most of them were decent people who just liked some different things. There were certainly plenty of nasty gay people, just as there are nasty straight people. Certainly my sister's brother in laws drama queen antics are well known. Waking me in the morning to get salted butter, 1% milk (I do not want to imagine what the other 99% is), Yardley's English Rose Lavender soap is a sure way to find out about the after life. Waking me up in the morning in general is not a good idea unless you are carrying food. It is just one of many quirks and variations that define our lives.

I also understand those who are religious and repect the traditional interpretation of the scripture like Rav Roov. Rav Roov would like to function as a clergyman without hypocritical ACLU Commie types telling him how he can do his job. He does not want a freak like Ruth Bader Ginsburg telling him he must perform Gay marriage or creating lawsuits over who is a member of his congregation. God by nature is not PC and who would want a PC God anyway.

The other issues are when is it appropriate to dicuss homosexuality in the school ciriculum and the left coast gratuitously placing gay themes on TV. I want to use the examples of Wil and Grace of a show that was well written with charachters who were Gay. The Ellen Degeneres show was not funny and was poorly written and above all was peachy. The mass media nuts sometimes place a gay storyline into a show like the Sopranos gratuitously. There have been a few gay mobsters, but the story line added nothing and was the lowlight of the show.

In general we make far too big of an issue of this subject. Now Communism is a dangerous alternative lifestyle. Jihadism is also another violent disgusting alternative lifestyle. Let not go into over drive on a subject that in of iteslf means nothing on a day to day basis.


Anonymous said...

Don't ask, don't tell works for me. But I'll push back on any fool that isn't raising children who trys to "mainstream" his "fetishes" to those of us with kids to raise... be they of any "sexual" nature. I want my kids to "imprint" off of my family values, not HBO's.

beakerkin said...


Some of us make too big a deal over the subject. Others have no respect for religious teachings.

However, there are those hysterical types that scream homophobia at everything and use antisemic slurs freely. This may not makes sense but there is an annoying closeted case in Terdington who reads every day.

He wants everyone to quit the gay slurs while he uses terms like Jewish C--t or Donkey of Zion. He also does not percieve anything wrong with those terms

Anonymous said...

We're all ignorant. Some of us more so than others.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

With greater knowledge of genetics, perhaps one day homosexuality will be cured.

kuhnkat said...


I will not ask about the particulars of your friend, BUT, If he is a PRACTICING homosexual then he needs to do a LOT more praying to the man he believes in!!!

One of the things that is currently disrupting our society are the people in Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical... Churches who are unhappy with the SIZE of their tent. To increase the size faster, or to make it more inclusive or friendly or because they tell us Jesus would be that way, they accept sinners WITHOUT asking them to stop sinning.

Jesus DID associate with ALL walks of life. How can you minister to the ones who need it if you DON'T!!! What the LEFTARDS are twisting is that Jesus accepted them as they are but DID EXPECT THEM TO CHANGE TO BE WITH HIS FATHER!!!! Remember, he told the woman who he saved from being stoned to go and SIN NO MORE!!!

We are all sinners and need to pray for forgiveness. We can argue it until He comes back, BUT, he already gave us all the laws and instruction we need. If we DO NOT ACCEPT HIS LAWS AND RULES IT IS ON OUR OWN HEADS!!!!

Jesus is all about LOVE. He is NOT all about SEX!!! Sex is to be controlled and channeled into areas that are GOOD FOR THE PERSON AND THE SOCIETY!!! Like any other thing in life we are expected to become ADULT, able to judge right from wrong based on his teachings!!

If he wants to be a practicing Homosexual, fine. If he wants to be a practicing Homosexual Preacher, Born Again Christian, Priest... he is attacking the religion and G-d he professes to believe in!!!

If you believe in an all powerful deity, how can you then say that he is so powerless that he can't manage to get his word across to the believers?? Are we to start having EVERYONE decide what they want to believe in separately??


Going past religion to basic life and civilisation, in general, those who are pole sitters and other shades of perversion just never seem to be able to manage a healthy, successful society after they have co-opted them!!


Justin said...


You are so right in your assessment of Jesus and his Love.
He does accept you just as you are and yes, he does expect you to change. Whether you are straight or Gay.

What gets lost to many times in the story about the woman who Jesus saved from stoning is not his final words to her of "Go and Sin no more" but the more profound words he said to the crowd. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." His final question to her "Woman where are your accussors?" When she said there were none around then he said "then neither do I accuse thee, Go and sin no more"

While I do not hold with the so called Gay Agenda of Marriage, frequenting bars nightly, multiple sex partners or teaching alternative life styles in our schools I will say the following.

There is not one Biblical iota of difference between so called homosexual sin and hetrosexual sin. Sin is sin and is not measured in degrees of sin.

The "so called" straight person who goes to the bars nightly in search of a bed partner is no less a sinner than the homosexual who does the same thing.

I do not agree with all this so called advancement of tolerance for the "gay lifestyle" but, that is not the only thing tearing this country down. Jesus was very clear in is views of divorce and adultery.

You hear very few preachers railing from the pulpit about divorce and the destruction it brings as you do the evil homosexual. And why is that?

Because, it would be just a tad bit to uncomfortable for many of his members since they are divorced and remarried and living in the sin of adultery. It would drive them from the church so now the church accepts any divorce not just the biblical reasons for it. Why? Simple Numbers and Money.

You dont hear preachers railing against the adulterers who hang out in the bars have sex whith who they pick up on Sat night and then show up for sunday morning srevices. Again that would make it just a little to uncomfortable for our younger hormonial driven members and they might just quit coming.

Too many churches today preach family values but do little in truely promoting those values.

How many church pews would be empty if Preachers did as they use to do? Preach against all sin not just the sin of one group.

It is so much easier to castigate the sin of others we dont even know than it is to police the sin that is occuring within our own congregations.

It is always so much easier when we have our little list of monsters that are destroying our sociotey (you know like the queers,the jews, the blacks and whoever else fits the bill) than it is to face the truth that we have come to tolerate some sin while chastising other sin. It is we who have chosen to make the distinction of degrees of sin we accept not the Bible.

So I ask a simple question of all those who would throw stones.

Who among you is so righteous that you have the right to judge and condem?

Who among you has not turned a blind eye to the hypocrosy of sin in your very congregations?

Ahhh yes, the marriage was a mistake, they were too young, well Im sure they didnt expect her to get pregnant so no we cant count that as sin just a error in judgement. If they erred if they made a mistake who is guilty of the sin of ommission for them not knowing?

It is not the gays who are a danger to this country. We know who our enemies are yet we accept what the news media tells us to accept about our enemies. If we would just take time to understand that it us that makes them this way then they would be nicer and not be attacking us (yeah right) that theroy and $2.50 will buy you a cup of coffee and a doghnut and a beheading.

We have accepted from Hollywood movies and themes that would have had some one burned at the stake when I was a child.

We have removed G-d from our schools and are promoting alternative cultures to our children to accept and believe in.

No, it is not the gay person who is destroying this country it is the hypocritical church, the left wing acceptance of "Tolerance" and the absolute denial by our elected leaders and appointed judges that this country was founded on Juedo-Christian values.

So in conclusion "Let He Who Is Without Sin" cast the first stone on others.

Rob said...

Everyone deserves to be treated with Dignity and respect, no matter what Sexual Identity they presume to have.

Not treating people with love and dignity goes against the very Christianity I know, it's sad that so many Christians don't even know what being Christ like really means.

Anonymous said...



The Merry Widow said...

The only weigh in I will do here, on this subject(and it backs Justin's position) is that sexual sins were treated more severely by G*D(note ALL) because they are sins against the temple of the Holy Spirit!
In fact, in the early days of the church, the logic for not going to a house of prostitution was that you may accidently have sex with your own daughter or sister!
Not the fact that adultery or fornication was wrong, but you might commit incest!
Sexual sin is sexual sin and any can destroy the fabric of the family and society, AND THE INDIVIDUAL!
G*D created sex, it was HIS Idea, so maybe we should just handle it HIS Way!
Aside from that, who is without this sin? Even in the heart? To lust after someone is to commit adultery!


beakerkin said...


For the most part Gay people want to be left alone. Most ofthem lead lives similar to our own in most respects.

The shrill voices that claim to speak for the gay community are mostly commies. Most odd are gay antisemites. They seem to forget gays are persecuted in the PA and the Arab world as govermental policy. These people speak for themselves.

American Crusader said...

If someone tells me that they are gay, I figure they probably know the colors fuchsia and teal and even that's a stretch.

Z said...

Wow, Justin...terrific post. I agree, except I do have a Pastor who doesn't pick on homosexuality to rail against..he's pretty much for reminding us we all need to walk straighter paths... and, of course, nobody's sin's worse than anybody else's.

We have a two-Mom family at the preschool our church owns/runs...they asked us (i'm on the Board) "would we be a problem for your school and church??" We were so taken with the fact that they didn't say "you going to stand in OUR way?" that we warmed to them. Their twin daughters attend the school. Problem is the twin daughters are often talking about how THEY have TWO MOMMIES! Our director just leads the conversation Farmer John said "let's not mainstream our fetishes"....

On a not too different topic, I hope; Did you hear Jamestown is now not allowing their docents to mention CHristianity when showing plaques and statues? They can only say RELIGIOUS now. "That's a "religious" cross"..."because they were RELIGIOUS".. wow.

I get the creepiest feeling when I realize most of this insanity only happened since 9/11. Just creepy.

The Merry Widow said...

Z-The thing to watch, is that since mohammadism is a monotheistic religion, eventually Judaism and Christianity will be painted with the same brush! Actually it is already happening, and if a certain Hate Crimes Bill passes both houses of congress, WATCH OUT! It will make quoting the Bible or the Torah on homosexuality illegal! It is happening here and now IN AMERICA! The outlawing of the moral compass is what certain parties want, leftistas, because we stand against moral decay(like salt). They don't like us, they fear us and they hate us because we will not compromise on G*D's Word.
So be prepared to count the cost in standing firm! You will be hated, not for who you are, but for WHOSE you are!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Justin said...

Unfortunately most of this was building before 9/11. Like a volcano 9/11 became the eruption and it all began to flow at a faster.

What is scary to me is the fact that we have history to show us what happens when a nation begins to turn away from its founding principals.

All one has to do is read the history of Israel. It was never defeated because of a foriegn power. It was defeated because it forgot and turned its back on its founding heritage and G-d. G-d simply pulled his protection from them and then they fell. Their actual defeat came from within not without.

They allowed foriegners to move in their borders and instead of assimilating they continued with their own culture and the worship of their own gods. As they grew in numbers and political powers the true Jewish religion and the reason for Israels foundation began to share space and eventually became something that was wrong to speak about. Listen to what the Prophets continually told Israel. And those prophicies came to be. G-d continually called to the Nation and the leaders and people continually turned their back to him so he allowed them to be over run by Nation after Nation.

You would think they would have learned by at least the second time it happened but, just as it is with us the old saying rings true down through history, "those who forget the past are destined to repeat the past."

Our leaders and judges have turned away from the foundations of this country. They have refused to make those coming in to assimilate but have instead put their beliefs and values above the Judeo-Christian values on which this Nation was Founded

Just as this scripture was prophetic to Israel so is it more prophetic to America today. If we are going to have the Freedoms and the devine protection then we must follow or die.

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Z said...

Justin..."And they did evil in the eyes of the Lord"...HOw many times does it say THAT about Israel? 300? YOu make excellent points.

TMW; I can't agree with you more. Over the last few years, when I've heard Muslims want a mosque built or some representation somewhere, and I hear Conservatives say "WE CAN"T HAVE THAT", I know in my bones that the next statement coming is "Look, if WE MUSLIMS can't have it, CHRISTIANS and JEWS can't have it, either"> and THAT WILL COME TO PASS.

In church this morning, I suddenly got the creepiest feeling, with my back to the front doors......wondering what could happen if things get very hot.

I think it'll be more economic than physical, though....The Left wants so badly for a world where government runs everything and pays for everything that I've also been certain for a few years that the attempts to stifle Christians speaking about politics in churches or even in front of religious groups is mostly to declare churches (and synagogues) nonexempt from tax...Sure, make them pay, they'll have to close! And, if they take away the philanthropy of religious institutions, the gov't HAS to kick in.

Funny, the msm gripes about the "Evangelicals" (never QUITE sure what they mean by that? it because they can't say CHRISTIAN, or..?) and posturing in churches, etc., but the other day I saw Hillary and Obama gearing up to speak in Selma and CNN had split screens of two ALTARS with HUGE crosses in front of which the candidates would be speaking.

CLose your eyes and imagine Romney or Giuliani SPEAKING IN A CHURCH, and tell me what the msm would say.

Or, better that, let's hear Ducky explain that way, huh?