Sunday, March 18, 2007

European Arrogance

I remember many conversations with Europeans over crime in America and the treatment of Blacks. The Euros would get on theirhigh horse about America being aviolent culture. Then the lecture would continue about what Black people deserve due their history.

Europe is having a crime wave largely fueled by Muskim immigrants. It seems that patting someone on the head and handing a welfare check doesn't work. High taxes and endless rules reduce job growth. Employed people tend not to riot and are less apt to commit violent crimes.

The American far left rails about welfare when the topic of Israel is mentioned. It fails to mention that expenditures on NATO were many times larger. The left also fails to grasp that the US taxpayer payed for the Eurosocialist wonderland that is teetering on the edge of ruin. The United States bore the expense of NATO and now it is time to disband the agreement. The Europeans should pay for their own defense.

The dream of the arrogant Euros was they would follow and improve the American immigration policy. However, they made several mistakes along the way due to entrenched leftist idiocy. Immigration worked when immigrants were expected to work and respect thelocal customs. The idea works as long the immigrants work and are not part of a violent Jim Crow culture that has never respected any other culture.

Now in the UK there are stories about crime in London that would seem familiar to Americans. The problem starts with a violent underclass and endless welfare checks.
Terrorism and poverty are not linked as the London bombers all had jobs. However, the same could not be said about the French Intifada. The notion of easing the restrictions on job creation has not occured to the Euros. They will opt for another failed leftist remedy affirmative action.

The notion of Americans as more violent than Europeans is quite amusing. Will the culture that produced Communism, Nazism and endless warfare stand up? Will the culture whose longest period of peace was created by American medling stand up?
The question of who is more violent and arrogant is obvious.


Always On Watch Two said...

From this UK blog:

I live in and around Luton and have written extensively about the local Pakistani Muslim control of the Heroin & Crack cocaine drug trade which is being used to destroy my community and make Islam vast sums of money in the process that is then turned back into other forms of Jihad (Holy war) against us.


I now live with a death threat aimed at me by a large local Pakistani Muslim drug gang because I helped the police have one of their Jihad fighters arrested....

Worth everyone's time to read!

Always On Watch Two said...

The dream of the arrogant Euros was they would follow and improve the American immigration policy.

Well, that little "improvement" didn't work out, did it?

Europe let in those with an ideology antithetical to Western civilization and, in the height of stupidity, put them on the welfare roles. Is it any wonder that Europe is morphing into Eurabia?

In some largely Muslim enclaves in Europe, certain aspects of shari'a law are in force. A movement is afoot to create a dual legal system.

At the same time, some Europeans, particularly in Denmark, are getting wise to what's happening with the undermining of Western culture via Muslim immigrants.

We may see violent clashes increase throughout Europe.