Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hat Tip AOW Cyber Terror Hits A Friend

AOW noticed that my friend Amil's website was down as were a few other familiar sites. It would seem the forces of Jihad would like to censor his message. However, Amil has assured me the problem is being addressed and worked on. Amil is a fighter and friend who will be getting his message out soon.

The problem faced by this blog is we have attracted a different kind of problem. First I would like to state the Duck is not a troll and is more of a cast member. He does not issue threats, unless you talk of making him sit through a Sylvester Stalone film festival.

Most trolls are like John Brown in that they are motivated by a desire for attention.
The question is should you fight or ignore them. In reality when you fight them we are feeding their ego's. Thus when Brown was restricted to AC's site he got bored. One can't even think of spamming AC in that he is too human. AC did more to kill Brown's ego with his benign manner than I did. Brown couldn't fight with AC because he was too agreeable. He got bored and has left for now seeking another areas.

Our partical irritant lives in a fantasy world where he dreams that our group of friends have nothing better to do than to talk about his pecadiloes. The truth is nobody cares about this person who has made a regular practice of abusing sites to issue terrorist threats. If his desire for peace were honest, he would avoid sites that I post on. He has a very good idea of where I post as he visits here arond twice daily makes a series of notes for his next stunt. Moreover, an attack on Florian, AOW, TMW or any of my friends will be viewed as an attack on me. Most of this group of friends will aid each other when one is under attack with one glaring exception.

While I risk irritation Amil risks something far greater. The people who are upset by his writtings have been known to kill people for exactly the types of material that he writes. Amil is a brave man and is well aware of the risks that he takes with
each and every post. Amil is the best of what immigration should be about. American is every bit a title of endearment to him as it is to almost all of us. Many far left types bandy that term as an epithet. Amil want to see our freedoms and liberties embraces in a new Iran. Do note he has never endorsed the idea of an invasion of Iran. He would like to see an Iran without a religious goon squad enforcing theocratic law. He would love to Iran with a more robust economy. He also is well aware of the troubles minorities like the Bhai, Jews and Zoroastrians face in Iran. Amil is truly a man all of us should respect on many levels.

On April 27 I will have the honor of being the guest on AOW's radio show. I am going to see if I can talk Amil into calling in. I would like him to explain the Persian history of tolerance that predates the Islamic invasions. One can see a glimpse of his thoughts on this subject where he talks of the movie 300's negative portrayal of Persians in the Persian section of Bad Eagle. In many ways the Persians were at least
as civilized if not more so than the Spartans. Many Jewish people think of Xerxes in particular as Achashverosh of Purim fame. Exactly which monarch is depicted in the familiar Purim remains a much debated topic.

Beamish in 08.


Anonymous said...

Xenophon's "Cyropaedia" is a Greek testament to Persian greatness. As Xenophon was a contemporary of Plato, and student of Socrates, who fought his way completely across what we presently call Turkey with 10,000 Greek mercenaries (Anabasis), it is a book well worth reading. His exploits and encounters with the minor Persian kingdoms inspired Alexander the Great's conquests under Aristotle's tutiledge.

Always On Watch Two said...

the Duck is not a troll and is more of a cast member

That's true. And I'd never think of forcing him to sit through a Sly Stallone film festival. For that matter, I couldn't manage to sit through that!

I discovered the problems with Amil Imani's site via an email. I'm on the email list for new essays.

Amil Imani is a target--of worse than cyber-vandalism. And as you said, the forces of Jihad would like to censor his message.

That's because his message is so effective!


On April 27 I will have the honor of being the guest on AOW's radio show. I am going to see if I can talk Amil into calling in.

That would be wonderful if you could persuade him! BTW, it's not MY radio show, but I AM the cohost. I've discovered that I enjoy doing these radio shows--despite all the prep work.

My cohost is WC. His ebook will be released very soon: Prologue by Walid Shoebat, jacket notes from Atlas Shrugs and from me. I've read a draft of the book. Good stuff and all documented with hyperlinks.

beakerkin said...

Alexander seems to have adopted many of his better qualities from the Persians. Alexander the Great was viewed favorably in the Jewish community.


I am working on Amil. Maybe I can get him to call in.

American Crusader said...

Please...ducky is watching Rocky's latest as we speak.
I believe he secretly wants to change his avatar to Rambo.

Anonymous said...

First I would like to state the Duck is not a troll and is more of a cast member.

Definitely true.

I have a personal request for Duck. Please email me I need to speak with you!

beakerkin said...


We have a person crying out for attention. This sick nut hasn't figured out that all these threats and over the top attacks have made him a pariah. He should go elswhere and try to immitate the Duck. The threats and the unproked attacks have ruined his reputation
more than any thing said by me.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I like that movie they made of Xenophon's Anabasis.

Waaaaaarrrriors, come out to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

(Yes, that movie.)

Anonymous said...

Xenophon eventually became one of the Athenian commanding generals of the expedition. He then "retired" to Sparta.