Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why they Hate by Bridgitte Gabriel part one

I am about midway through the book and it is very grim. Gabriel points out the role of Communists instigating the Lebanese Civil War. Christian Commies would join forces with their Islamic bretheren to slaughter fellow Christians. Gabriel points out the role of the former Soviet Union.

More importantly she talks about the media silence about the numerous attrocities commited by Pseudostinians and their Commie allies. The incedent as Sabra and Shatilla was one of many massacres but the only one described in the West. This is mildly amusing as 60% of the massacred were Christians.

Gabriel describes how and why the biased media always paints Muslims as victims. She also describes how even in Christian education rampant anti-semitism is evident.

The good news is that the Jihadis slaughtered their Christian Commie allies at a later date. When their victory in Lebanon is finnished they will slaughter their Muslim Commie allies as well. This is the pattern in Iran itself and it reminds one that a broken clock is right twice a day. Commies unlike broken clocks are never right about anything.


Farmer John said...

The moment the Commies ran out of rubles to buy kalishakovs, their days became numbered. It also happened in Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc., too.

Islam is the NWO forming out of the collapse of the USSR. Power abhorrs a vacuum and laughs at a Morally Isolationist Power (Europe/America).

Justin said...

I am looking for this book and guess I will have to order it on line since it obviously does not meet the jihadi criteria of Borders or Barnes and Nobel.

It sounds from what you describe as a must read.

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

I had forgotten about those other places. Commies are oblivious to history.


I found my copy at Barnes and Moble. I have 90 pages to go, but be forewarned this is a really somber book. Gabriel gets to the point and is direct.

If you are looking for an uplifting book Nonie Darwashs book is better. If you can deal with direct and somber this is an excellent book.

Justin said...

Nope beak I am looking to see the unvarnished truth I do not like pablum in any book.

To know your enemy you cannot look for uplifting fodder. Look to those who have experienced it.

The Merry Widow said...

I'm past the milk and pablum stage in my life, steak, medium rare please! And Truth instead of propaganda or platitudes!


beakerkin said...


I am around 80 or so pages from the end. This is a very grim and blunt book. So far this is even more direct than Falachi. Falachi speaks on a world wide level. Gabriel talks about her home Lebanon and the United States.

I do not recall reading anything this somber and direct. If you decide to pick up this book do
understand that it is brutal in sections and direct.

I guess the question is why do some of us read. I read for education and pleasure. The Yilma book which you will never find was a fun excusion. Planet India was a mix of brutal with promise. This book is blunt direct and frank.

Maybe the time has long since passed for more uplifting. We have 3000 dead Americans and more than two dozen ethnic conflicts involving Islam. Gabriel attempts to explain the common denominator.

The Merry Widow said...

And she has nothing but good to say about the IDF, not what leftistas and mohammadins want to hear!
What she and her family endured when she was growing up was really brutal, and the trials of those caught between ruthless factions and ideologies!


Urban_Infidel said...

I read her book.

The hell that Christians went through at the hands of the Muslims during the Lebanese civil war is largely ignored.

Highly recommend it.

I have my copy of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book, 'Infidel' next on my book stack.

Farmer John said...

Former communist Yemen just released 100 jihadi's. Expect them to show up on the battlefield in al Anbar province within the next week or two.

beakerkin said...


I am glad someone else read this book. It is like being thrown into a cold shower. Gabriel is very direct to the point and on message.


Part of the our problem is ignorance. Technically no communist is allowed to become a citizen. Few of my coworkers know what the YSP is. Theoretically anyone who took up arms for the YSP should be barred. This is another example of not enforcing existing laws.

Always On Watch Two said...

More direct than Fallaci? Well, then the book must be grim, indeed!

I bought Ms. Gabriel's book a few months ago, but somehow it found its way to the bottom of my reading stack. I'm going to put aside my present reading (Steyn's America Alone and start reading Because They Hate this afternoon--in a few short minutes. In fact, I just now fished out the book from my growing collection of books on Islam.

the Jihadis slaughtered their Christian Commie allies at a later date.

Now there's a surprise. NOT!

Farmer is so right about the "New World Order." When the Soviet Union fell, all the various ethnic groups started up. Just look at all those "-stans" on the world map!

Off now to do my reading. I wonder if the book will read like a Stephen King novel? That author of the horror genre said (paraphrase), "Since 9/11, there's nothing any scarier than what's going on in the world now."

kuhnkat said...

Just want to remind everyone that Russia, the BIG DISGRUNTLED BEAR with Nuclear tipped CLAWS, is well and becoming very militant AGAIN!!!!

Remember the best weapons of the Jihadis against the IDF and our own soldiers come primarily from RUSSIA filtered through Iran and a few other sources!!

The IslamoNazis, Russians, Chinese, French... may all ultimately want to wipe each other out. Right now, they see us as the BIG DOG that must be wiped out FIRST!!!


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Russia has a strong nuclear arsenal, but hasn't fielded a consistently competent conventional land force since well before the Crimean War.

They also don't have the one thing Russia traditionally has always had when going to war: manpower. The population growth rate of Russia is in serious decline. This also hurts in other sectors - it takes manpower to create infrastructure and exploit natural resources, and it takes economic and political freedom to entice immigrants to fill the roles not filled by an non-existent indigenous population. In the grand tradition of leftism's emphatic demand that all leftists be regarded as morons, Russian "ex"-communists continue to display what running a country ass-backwards looks like.

I wouldn't worry about a resurging Russian threat, unless they perfect robotic weapon systems.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel puts forth all the truths we all suspected about Muslims and Islam all this time but no one had the guts to print. Extremely insightful and un-PC! I am about finished but have had to read this very slowly so my head doesn't pop off from frustration.