Monday, March 26, 2007

A man of God

I am concerned about a hit on my site meter looking for news on the death of Justin.
I am concerned because we haven't heard from him in a while and he has had health issue.

Those of us who are lucky enough to know Justin and call him friend are indeed blessed. He exudes humanity, wisdom, compassion and has a wry sense of humor.

Justin and my younger brother are what religion should be about. My younger brother enjoys his faith and the door is always open. He never talks down to the less religious and he looks foward to the holidays. Justin is like that as well as his faith brings people together.

I remember being upset with some lefties who were critical of me for running on that day. The conspiracy cramks can sometimes say hatefull things to those who were there.
It is true that I was one of many who ran on that day. It was Justin and Warren who let me know that was my role. Many of us live with the illusion that we are John Wayne. The reality is that very few of us are John Wayne including Wayne who hasn't been himself in years.

People like Justin and my younger brother are blessed in that they can see beyond what is on a ledger sheet. There are those of us who can not see beyond what can be added and subtracted and it is our loss.

Justin if you read this can you just let us know you are okay.


The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-Just got off the phone with Rob, Justin is out of state on a job. Since Rob had talked to him Sunday night, and he was fine then, Rob was surprised, to say the least. So he called Justin's home, got a friend who was surprised, friend called Justin, who was also surprised that he was dead! So he called Rob, who called me, who is now typing this! Justin is fine, but busy!
Now, either this was a case of mistaken identity, OR a certain someone is playing games!
So sleep well, it's way past my old lady bedtime!
Good night!


beakerkin said...

I am glad this was a mistake and Justin hasn't lost his sense of humor. This is the best news I heard all day.

This kind of puts things into the correct perspective. Who the hell cares about this stupid idiocy from psycho stalkers when there are larger issues.

I am sure Rob and Justin will have some comedic revenge at my expense.
However, this is one time I am happy to be the butt of the jokes.

Rob said...

Justin hates to disappoint anyone, but he is far from dead, in fact he has come close to dying so many times, that neither God nor Satan want him, so he keeps getting sent back!

Beak, take a moment and think about the name, it is a common name, and a famous artist goes by the same name, so that may have been the folly. In the mean time relax a little, watch some Idol, or better yet watch a Knicks game, that could make anyone wish for death!

beakerkin said...

This is the best news I have heard in days. I did get the wits scared out of me, but as you said it is a common name.

Now if there is something worse than watching the NY Knicks I do not know what it is. I might have to get a job programing at Fox to do that.

Senior Citizens behaving Badly

or Brawls at Buffets might fill the bill.

The Merry Widow said...

How about, Little Old ladies Beat Beaker Up at Popeye's?
Little Old Ladies Run Beaker down At Chinese Buffet?


Mr. Ducky said...

Ready for 2008

beakerkin said...

The guy can laugh at himself.He should have selected one of Hillarys Pant Suits.