Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mark Levin and the Media

When we talk about African Americans in a convention sense it is generally a reference to the children of slaves. Even the West Indian immigrants are the descendants of slaves as well. Thereza Heinz Communist er Kerry created a minor storm when she described herself as an African- American. She was born to a Colonial
family in Mozambique so her version also does not fit the narritive.

The media seems to have different standards with Republicans. Obama got a free pass when the media attempted to get the divorce records from his Republican opponent. We have also the media diging up the Jewish heritage of George Allens mother. We have stories about Mitt Romney's polygamous father.

Now it turns out that the forebearers of Barak Obama owned slaves. There has been research by accademics who uncovered slave owners on the mothers side of the Obama family tree. Obama's father was a polygamist who may have attempted immgration fraud.

Obama forces us to look at the flawed assumptions of the Marcuse vitimology narritive. Self descibed "strong black man" Uptown Steve is part white and Native American. Does he get fractional reparations and casino revenue. Obama does not fit the African American story line. On top of this it seems he is likely from a wealthier family than Rudy G.

The insanity of race based obsession needs to end. Did Obama get racial preferences in College? It turns out Obama was not poor and his ancestors owned slaves. Obama illustrates the insanity of race based obsessions. Who decided Obama or Uptown Steve are Black. In both cases they are multiracial and our Commie Marcuse based obsession with race needs to end. All hiring and university admission should be on merit only with no legacy idiocy either.


Yankee Doodle said...

I think Obama needs to pay himself reparations! ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Nope. Stevie no longer qualifies for Casino Revenues. People are apparently "wisening up" to the race card.

beakerkin said...

Obama highlights the idiocy of this policy. In this case Obama's connection to slavery was that his mothers family owned them. Moreover, as an African Obama Sr is owed zero historic wrongs based on Slavery. Even West Indians who have no connection to slavery in the USA gat these benefits.

The time has come to end all preference except veterans preference.

Justin said...

Beak: thought this might make for an interesting read and Lawdy we know it will send Ducky over the edge.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Cherokee Nation members voted Saturday to revoke the tribal citizenship of an estimated 2,800 descendants of the people the Cherokee once owned as slaves.

With all 32 precincts reporting, 76.6 percent had voted in favor of an amendment to the tribal constitution that would limit citizenship to descendants of “by blood” tribe members as listed on the federal Dawes Commission’s rolls from more than 100 years ago.

Big money at stake:
Advocates of expelling the freedmen call it a matter of safeguarding tribal resources, which include a $350 million annual budget from federal and tribal revenue, and Cherokees' share of a gambling industry that, for U.S. tribes overall, takes in $22 billion a year. The grass-roots campaign for expulsion has given heavy play to warnings that keeping freedmen in the Cherokee Nation could encourage thousands more to sign up for a slice of the tribal pie.

"Don't get taken advantage of by these people. They will suck you dry," Darren Buzzard, an advocate of expelling the freedmen, wrote last summer in a widely circulated e-mail denounced by freedmen. "Don't let black freedmen back you into a corner. PROTECT CHEROKEE CULTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN. FOR OUR DAUGHTER[S] . . . FIGHT AGAINST THE INFILTRATION."

“The Cherokee people exercised the most basic democratic right, the right to vote,” tribal Principal Chief Chad Smith said. “Their voice is clear as to who should be citizens of the Cherokee Nation. No one else has the right to make that determination.’

Smith said turnout — more than 8,700 — was higher than turnout for the tribal vote on the Cherokee Nation constitution four years ago.

“On lots of issues, when they go to identity, they become things that people pay attention to,” Smith said.

Perhaps there is a lesson in this somewhere. No?

American Crusader said...

Its 2007 and I've seen little change in how the media handles race from when I was young. There are double standards...some races can say things that if another race had said would have set off a firestorm.
Now we have Sharpton proclaiming how the news that his great great grandfather might have been a slave owned by a member of Strom Thurman's this somehow made it more stressful for him. They should do DNA testing, who knows, maybe they were related.

I have seen written (I don't recall where) where some African-Americans stated that Obama wasn't black enough.
And now it appears that somewhere in Obama's family tree(mother's side) might have been slaveowners?

I don't understand the relevancy.

I wonder if this country will ever moved forward on this issue. I'm sure that as long as 'race' can be used for political advantage, the answer is no.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I want Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Northern France, England and Ireland to pay reparations for the harsh treatment of my Celtic ancestors.

I want Italy, England, and Germany to pay reparations for the harsh treatment of my Scotish ancestors.

I want Germany, Norway, Denmark, and England to pay reparations for the harsh treatment of my Saxon ancestors.

I want the Iroquois, the French, and the Democratic Party to pay reparations for the harsh treatment of my Cherokee ancestors.

Screw it. Everyone get off my planet now!

kuhnkat said...

Come on now Beakerkin, without Legacy Stupidity and Idiocy set asides, how will people like the Ducktard make it???


Oh well, I guess we could sell them to the Muzzies as SLAVES!!!


Always On Watch Two said...

HERE is a bit more info about Obama, but the info isn't directly related to this posting. Still, you might be interested in taking a look.

beakerkin said...

Obama is saying just enough to keep the party elite happy. However, I am firmly convinced a Rudy Hillary showdown could get 40% of the Jewish vote.

The Jewish community knows who its historic friends are. Rudy has been a historic frind of our community for twenty years.

beakerkin said...


The Cherokee are right if these people are the descendants of slaves. If I opened a Kosher deli in the Cherokee Casino I would not be a Cherokee. Slaves were ill treated labor and never members of the tribe. The relationship was a cruel employee ownership relationship.

Uptown Steve does claim to be black so his blood tie to Native Americans is suspect. Oddly if he searched the white side of his tree he is far more apt to find slave owners than me. My people did not even arrive until fifty years after slavery was over. Blacks, Native Americans and whites owned slaves. The notion that Uptown who may be descended from slave owners deserves lifetime special treatment on the basis of 150 year legacy is misguided.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-It is also little mentioned that some slaves were whites, some of them were owned by blacks. So NO ONE is innocent!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


z said...

So now what? Obama had slave owners in his own family. Is he a racist or a victim? How's he going to handle that? Would that we could put aside what color anyone is and just get on with it. But, no, his wife has to say she's worried that, as a black man, he could get killed at any gas to play the race card.

Nancy Pelosi becomes head of the Senate and focuses on how she's the first WOMAN......

And these are the people who aren't supposed to care about race or sex, the very same people who're always reminding America of the differences.

Do most of you here have racist/sexist friends? Friends who'd honestly not hire a black applicant or woman applicant?
Maybe I live in some kind of bubble, but I don't see the sexism/racism that America's still getting blamed for.

Help me out here......I'm seriously wondering about it because I honestly feel black kids are being told, and reacting to, a lie..which could be dangerous to them and us.

uptownseteve said...

Wow, what a revelation!!!!

An African-American had slaveowners in his family!

Why do you idiots think black Americans come in all shades from alabaster to purple?

Why do most of us have English surnames?

Are you guys really this stupid?

beakerkin said...


This would make your family multiple of times more involved with Slavery than mine. Obama has no relationship to actual slaves in America. In fact his family owned slaves. Did he get racial preferences in admissions?

Obama is a perfect example of why the system should be thrown out.

Who decided that you are Black? From now on you are Mestizo Steve.
I spoke with Dr Yeagley and you will not be getting casino revenue

Mr. Ducky said...

Name the Film

Anonymous said...

Hello Beaker. See you kicked Ducky off of here. I assume as much since he showed up trying to crash Donals blog. She tossed him. None of us can choose the color we're born and I'm pretty sick and tired hearing about these arguements for the last forty years. Blacks sold each other into salvery and they're still doing it. No one else in world that I know of ever fought a war to end it except this country and ancestors of mine fought on the side that ended it. Its time race-hustlers and poverty pimps stopped playing this game, its old. This still is the greatest country in the world, he land of opportunity for anyone who wants to work hard. Johnnymac.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The only slaveholders in my family were Cherokee.