Monday, March 26, 2007

Terrorist threats

Gert has placed a terrorist threat on TMW's site. In it he lies several times, but we are used to it.

1 Gert is 100% Beakerpoop. There were no emails but a series of comments about my genitals and sexual proclivities. Warren noticed they used English slang. Beakerpoop has also interacted with Nanc and calls her Nancompoop. Gert uses the exact same name on Florian's site what are the odds of that.

2 We have our own collection of Greggy Emails and these emails were not only addressed to me. Some of Greggy's friends will not like the content.

3 Moreover if my name is revealed retaliation will be immediate and against Greg. I am not the type to do this but it will Gerg who suffers for this stunt.

4 Gert is an antisemite whose greatest hits include Jewish Cunt, Donkey of Zion and telling a Jewish American Patriot " Go to Israel"

5 Gert is a far left Commie who talks of "Amewika" on Greg's blog.

Let all those who doubt Greg is a dangerously unstable nut read Gert's threats on TMW's site, This site and MZ's site. Greg is 100% behind this blackmail attempt and MZ lets him skate.

I severed all contact with any site that Greg or Gert post on, because I want no contact with dangerously unstable lunatics. I wished those friends goods luck and moved on. I post on a few select sites around a dozen. Gert launched an unprovoked attack on Florian and came looking for me.

Those of you having doubts about Gert's motives can see my response to his taunt where he tells me sever ties with Florian. In fact the sicko even pulls out the exact quote verbatim. Make no mistake this is an unstable stalker.

I want to also direct people to TMW's site where we see MZ in his true colors hateful
and vindictive. All his talk of God is just empty words. He pretends he is above it all, but you see the real MZ on TMW's site hateful, pompous and vindictive.


The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-I deleted all comments on that thread that had nothing to do with that thread, sorry. FJ deleted his own. I just didn't want this to get rooted at my site. Anything else gert comments on will be deleted, because we do not need that kind of divide and conquer scheme to get a foothold!
I also called Rob, he is at work but I left a message for him to e-mail me with any info!
Take care and have a blessed night, I'm pooped!


Always On Watch Two said...

Gert posted the exact same comment at my site at the top post. I let the comment stand--for now.

Always On Watch Two said...

Clarification....I let the comment stand so that all could see what's going on.

No way do I believe Gert, Beak!

beakerkin said...


I wanted to get away from these lunatics and made a great effort to do so. I cut ties with several blogs and many people did not understand.

Interestingly, the person most apt to get hurt will be Greg. Greg has a habbit of pulling stunts and playing one person against another.
He then cries for forgiveness and pleads with us to forgive him for each and every screw up. This is a case of been there done that and ultimately this says more about Gert, Greg and MZ than it does about me.

What type of nut launches into an unprovoked attack on Florian who had zero history with him. The same type of nut that attacked me on Greg's site calling me the ubber-smurf of anti-communism. He has also played a sick game with Freedomnow where he places labels like Nazi on MZ or the Editrix and has labeled Nanc and extreemist and asks Freedomnow to justify his association with such people. Freedomnow always does the right thing and defends his friends. The obvious question is why would anyone want to associate with such a dangerous and unstable nut.

Moreover, if Gert is not Beakerpoop how does he know I have no emails from Beakerpoop. The claim was made about comments on the site not emails. Beakerpoop has the exact same writing style as Gert. Moreover, they both call Nanc Nancompoop what are the odds of that.

I am not bothered by homosexuality
but a series of comments about my genitals and sexual practices are creepy.

Sadly the true face of a person many of us had a high opinion of was also revealed. This person gloated over the terrorist threats and proves once again his lofty sermons are just empty words.

Gert said...


It's very simple: you stop writing about me and I won't start writing about you on my blog or any other. It's called a sensible truce.

Remember, I've never spent a syllable on you over at mine. If, however, you continue to keep posting about me I will publish whatever true facts as I see fit. Don't expect anyone to just take it lying down, okay?

The "incident" over at Florian's wasn't my fault: I didn't come there to taunt you in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. My comment was addressed to Mr Ducky and Florian, NOT YOU.

Summarising: leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. You can slag me off to your friends to your heart's content but if you do it in public then I reserve the right to do the same. I think that's fair. What you do in private communications doesn't bother me.

beakerkin said...


Lets cut the crap.

1 Your attack on Florian was unprovoked and over the top.

2 You were well aware that this is one of the few sites I post on. Moreover, you even quoted my policy of severing ties with blogs that permit you or Greg to comment.

3 Stay away from sites I post on.
There was no need for you to be there. Up until you invaded Florian's site everything was quiet. Your visit was neither well intended nor innocent.

You also seem to forget the nature of the people who blog here. Most of these poeple are a community and an attack on Florian is an attack on all of us. There is only one person that fails this function each and every time.

If you honestly want peace stay away from the sites I frequent.