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Book Review Because They Hate By Bridgitte Gabriel

This book is the most blunt and stark portrayal of what we are up against. I do not say this lightly, and I read both of Falachis books. Gabriel's book is the litterary equivalent of being tossed into a cold shower and some of us need that.

Gabriel's main point is that she is from a country that was just like ours. Lebanon was a democratic oasis with Western Democratic values until Muslim radical and their commie allies launched a brutal assualt on her country. Generally lost in the discussion was the role of the Pseudstinians and their international allies from Islamic and Commie movements such as the various Red Army groups in the Lebanese Civil War. In fact most of what we learn about the Lebanese Civil war is non-history.
The massacres of the Christians by Pseudostininas become invisible. The constant predations of the Pseudostinians against Israel also gets forgotten. The only item that people bring up is Sabra ans Shatilla and the blood libel against Sharon who had nothing to do with those incedents. There have been greater massacres at the same camps afterwards by other groups but the Paliwood 24/7 obsessive types think that unless Israel is involved it becomes non news.

Gabriel is direct and speaks to Americans in a direct somber tone. She talks about the dual game of Muslim leaders saying one thing in English and another thing in Arabic. She attacks the Commie PC mentality of the midless bird brains. She points out the difference between Israel and the countries that suround it. She touches upon the contrived Pseudostinian ethnicity and who is responsable for the Arab refugees.

Gabriel takes no prisoners when discussing Arab cultural maladaptations like the treatment of women. The Duck notes Muslims do not commit female infanticide. The Editrix points out it is delayed. Yes they wait until the girl is in their teens and is accused of being a slut. Rape victims are killed for adultery while the Duck praises the virtues of Caligraphy and rails about Kahanists. The amount of people beheaded by Kahanists is still zero.

The part Gabriel gets wrong is the reporting of suspicious people to law enforcement.
If someone comes forward most likely they will be dismissed as a crank or ignored at best. Part of the reason is that people have a great fear of being called a bigot.
A charge of bigotry or sexual harassment can end a career.

The book is in the Beakerkin top five for the war on terror. It is direct for those of us who want no minced words this is a relavation.

The Beakerkin Top Ten

1 The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt This is a vital book that explains the differences between Islam and Christianity.

2 Indigenous People Under The Rule of Islam by Fred Isaac. This seldom read book by an Assyrian is a brilliant look at the way Islam opperates.

3 Because They Hate by Bridgitte Gabriel Blunt to the point and directed at Americans in our language.

4 The Sword of the Prophet Trifkovic goes into history and current events

5 Falachi's Books. Strident rough in tone but to the point.

6 The Bat Yeor Books She decontructs the myths of Islamic history. Her work does upset the Commies. Do note the Duck has given approval to Egypt's ethnic cleansing of Joooos based on terrorism. He then calls MZ an annimal for seeking the same policy with multitudes more provocatoins. The Duck wants all critical minority views of Islam censored. This is akin to saying Black and Native American perspectives of American history are worthless. He has also mocked Yeor who was ethnically cleansed from Egypt because she lived in Europe. Jewish refugees have no voice because Jooos did not create the problem and then let their own fester in refugee camps for fifty years.

7 Nonie Darwash They call me an Infidel. Very uplifting and optimistic

8 Unholly Aliance David Horowitz. How Commie types have allied with Jihadists in a global war on America.

9 Death of a Nation by Henry Morgenthau. Ambassador Morgenthau tried to save the Armenians. The Ataturk era was the start of the Muslim Nationalism that has become Pan Arabism.

10 The Case for Israel by Dershowitz. This book debunks most of the Lefts canards. Dershowitz has become almost as hated as Horowitz and Radosh by the mindless left.
Older Commies in NYC still hate Ronald Radosh even more than Ann Coulter for debunking the myth of martyred Rosenburgs.

Irasad Manj gets honorable mention for her book. VS Naipuls excellent works are worthy reading. Remember he is a genuine writer and his points and style are a treat.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...


Thought you might be interested that today at my Church we had Philip Cameron speak. He is a Scottish born evangelist who runs a orphanage in Moldavia, a Communist nation and he talked a lot about how these young girls are given little money when the Government thinks they are old enough, and they send them back out to their "hometown" where they end up getting sold to European sex slave owners, because they have no money and no way to make a living.

What Mr. Cameron is trying to do however is get these young girls into America, so they won't get sold as sex slaves to these evil Men.

It was pretty interesting, to see the great work he's doing. He's also helping with Orphanages here in the United State too.

beakerkin said...


I do not know if you caught my sarcasic comment to the Duck. The Duck was railing that religious Christians need to be controlled. In the heart of every communist lies four things.

Power, Theft, Deception and Ruthlessness.

Left to yoour own devices Christians like TMW, AOW and yourself might build such gastly
things as hospitals, schools, orphanages and senior citizens centers. Society is much better of building Gulags, Killing Fields and walls to keep people in. The truth is people like the Duck are human garbage. He wants to rail at some stupid comments about Gays from Falwell while praising the Cuban health care system that treated homosexuality as a mental disease and pretending capital punishment for gays under Shariah doesn't exist.

Always On Watch Two said...

I had a chance to read a bit of Gabriel's book before taking my afternoon nap. Almost word for word, she said many of the same words at the symposium I attended. I can hear her voice in my head when I read her words in Why They Hate.

As you may or may not recall, I blogged about her speech HERE. On the left sidebar of the link to the video (See red font at the above link) are several of Gabriel's videos.

As you said, Gabriel's book is the litterary equivalent of being tossed into a cold shower and some of us need that.

Gabriel's main point is that she is from a country that was just like ours. Lebanon was a democratic oasis with Western Democratic values until Muslim radical and their commie allies launched a brutal assualt on her country.

She also mentioned open borders and the demographics of the Muslim reproduction rate.

Her book is a wake-up call for those of us here in America! And Why They Hate is so "readable"!

Anonymous said...

I found Irshad Manji's book to be a rather good read. She has some courage speaking out against her religion. I like how she amplifies the intolerance of her religion while at the same time she admits to being a lesbian.

Yehoshua said...

For books about terrorism and egregious world injustice, try The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons. Also take a look at

beakerkin said...


The use of the Hebrew version of your name may confuse some of the Christian readers into thinking you are commenting as Jesus.

I have read the Loftus book well over a decade ago. John Loftus is an excellent author and answers his emails. He used to be on the Batchelor and Alexander Show out of NYC. His knowledge of tax law forced the government to indict Sammy Al Arian.

Eyes said...

Great list! I was wondering about the Gabriel book.. I really liked the Walid Shoebat book also.... "Why I left Jihad". Beak, any Christians who know the Hebrew version of Jesus, know it's Yeshua, not Yehoshua:>) Probably 90% of Christians are clueless on that point though...

beakerkin said...


Gabriel is very direct and blunt. Many people seem to be in favor of a no frills approach. The most important book is still that of Alvin Schmidtt. Jesus and Mohammed were different people and their impact on their cultures has been different.

I am glad that you are aware that Yehoshua means Joshua and not Jesus. I did see a Russian man with the Yiddish variation of Jesus Yushka at work. My boss made shure to write that word down.