Sunday, March 25, 2007

Security Precautions

Due to some threats my email account has been closed. Those of you who have contacted me off line will need to be patient for a spell. AOW and Warren have my new email acconts.

A sick and demented troll has threatened some stunt on MY Space. My space has been contacted and warned ahead of time. These threats are on this site as well as MZ's.
MZ as usual sees nothing wrong with a threat on his site. This is part of the self centered behavior he is known for.

Gert had been sending me a series of sick comments that dealt mainly with my genitals
and sexual proclivities under the name Beakerpoop. Warren noticed this commenter was from the UK. I had no idea who this nut was until a google search located this nut talking smack about me on Greg's site. On Florian's site he even calls Nanc Nancompoop the exact name used by Beakerpoop.

I appologize for any hassles. My name happens to be shared by thirty people including many lawyers. Lawyers tend to sue over such stunts and only a fool courts legal trouble of this magnitude.


FLORIAN said...

I hope you bring this scumbag down Beak. He's a basketcase if I ever knew one. I apologize for not deleting his comment about you and your name sooner--but I didn't have access to the internet for most of the day Friday.

beakerkin said...


You did the best you can and that is all of us can do. You are always a good friend that I appreciate.

I wish MZ would have treated the threat seriously but thems the breaks.

The Merry Widow said...

Go get him! That is behavior that demands some action. He is a danger to himself and others and needs some serious, intervention!


Always On Watch Two said...

Wow! I've been mostly offline in the afternoon hours--too nice a day to sit in front of a monitor.

And I come back to this???

Hang in there, Beak. You have many more friends than you do nutjob enemies.