Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Light reading

I have a new pile of books to read. I am reading Donkey Cons that starts out with the preponderance of corrupt Democrats. This is hardly surprising in that the parties
coalition includes inherently corrupt labor unions, inner city political machines, trial lawyers, Communists masking themselves as activists and Media airheads.

I also have betrayal by David Pryce Jones. Pan Arabism is a mostly French Socialist creation nutured by the Soviets. This is quite amusing given the flat earth theories by some on Sonia's site. Commies see Saddam as the CIA's man armed with stacks of Soviet Weaponry and thousands of Soviet advisors. The fact remains that the roots of the BAATH party are in the Fwench Socialist Party.

I also have Dore Gold's The Fight For Jerusalem. The real story of how the Dome of the Rock ended up on the site of the Jewish Temple is there. Jerusalem is not in the Koran and the translation of the furthest Mosque was part of a political fight. Muslims placing Mosques on the sacred sites of other religons is a historical fact.

I also have Zell Miller's A National Party No More and David Limbaugh's Bankrupt.

I am in chapter five of Donkey Cons. The history of Democrat debacles includes Aron Burr. Burr combines the Kennedy gift for homicide with the treason of John Kerry. All he needs is some alternative lifestyle scandals and he could be a God in MA.
The connection between inner city political machines and organized crime is explored
in detail. The book touches on the role of the NY Democratic party in the now forgotten infamous draft riots in NYC portrayed in the Gangs of NY.

I like the quote of Charles Schumer to a government witness exploring Union mob activity. " Are space aliens connected to the mob?". The book also lists the donations to Schumer from unions. A New Yorker of his age should be familiar with Mafia and Communist abuses of Unions.

The book should be considered in the category of light but entertaining reading.


Anonymous said...

I badly need to catch up on some reading, so this saturday I plan on going to the library alone and will spend a good portion of the day there.

beakerkin said...

The only must read on my recent readings is the Bridgette Gabriel book that is much better than Steyn. Donkey Cons falls more into the realm of junk food type entertainment. It is fun but not too deep.

Mr. Ducky said...

Let's see what we have today.

Some whack job who is concerned about the roots of the Baath Party for some reason. Whatever.

Dore Gold big fellator of Benjamin Nutty-yahoo. Probaly not an objective source.

.... and Zell Miller. I haven't seen his name since they got rid of him after he went insane at the last Republican convention. I thought he was still mourning for Strom Thurmond, Beak's favorite politician.

Beak, you really need to branch out a bit. When's B'at Shiite's new book due?

beakerkin said...

Lets see the BAATH party is still the Arab Socialist party. Congrats Ducky Saddam is one of your own along with Assad. Pseudostinian ethnicity is an offshoot of Pan Arabism. Pan Arabism was traditionally drive dem Jooos into the sea. It didn't market well so some commies created a fictional ethnicity Pseudostinians. I guess the residents of Brooklyn are Canarsie Indians next when the Marxists think it is convenient.

I do not recall mentioning Thurmond
who hasn't killed anyone, betrayed his country or had his home used as a brothel. I call myself a Rudy Republican but you can be a Kerry Commie.

Lets see Ducky hasn't bothered to read Bat Yeor. I will take her word over a Communist clowns Fanon, Chomsky or Finky. In the opinion of the Duck Jooos, Christians and Hindooo need to be silent about their life under Islam
because it doesn't fit the class genocide script.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-Actually it does, but just going the "wrong" way!


Anonymous said...

Betting that 'Chomsky' is amongst Ducky's reading list?

beakerkin said...

The Duck claims he does not read Chomsky. His source of choice is Commie interloper Fanon.

The Duck wants all accounts of Jooos, Christians, Hindus tossed in the trash because they don't agree with the script.

Imagine if one of us said that about Black or Native American perspectives on our history.

American Crusader said...

"The fact remains that the roots of the BAATH party are in the Fwench Socialist Party."

I had no idea. I thought the Baath Party grew as a resistance party to French colonial rule.
After doing some rudimentary research, it turns out you are correct.
Learn something everyday..

Mr. Ducky said...

Yes Beak, I have read Fanon. You finally got one right.

What ever happened to B'at Shiite? I think the Dutch broad grabbed all the sucker money and Regenrey shut her off. You got a theory?

beakerkin said...


If you have read a Bat Ye'or book
you would be aware that she should not be confused with commie frauds
like Chomsky, Finky or Fanon. She does her research and does not need translation.

Unlike all of the above Ye'or is fluent in Arabic and does genuine research. However, being that you are a Communist your opinions on scholarship are worthless.


The Duck and Saddam have much in common. The Duck will spin and pretend that the BAATH party has nothing to do with Socialism.

FLORIAN said...

Communists masking themselves as activists! LOL!

That's exactly what they are. I hate every one of them too.

FLORIAN said...

Saddam was a socialist of the French variety--no wonder Chirac and he had so much in common.

Which is why the Iranians hated him so much. Yeah I know the Shiite and Sunni rivalry but it was much more than that.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Saddam was a democratic socialist, always winning landslide victories against his perennial opponent Fireen Sqaad.

Of course, Fireen Sqaad isn't very popular because he runs in the elections of a lot of countries in the third world.