Monday, March 05, 2007

Parallels between the Yezidi and Falasha

I am reading a book on the mysterious Yezidi people of Northern Iraq. They are one of many people who chafe under the term Arab. Bridgitte Gabriel tells you early in her book she considers herself a Phoenician. Assyrians will also tell you they are not Arabs. Copts of Egypt, most Jews, Berbers are among the many people that chafe under the term Arab. Arabs are invaders on much of the land they occupy presently and are not indigenous. The notion of Arabs or Muslims o top of the Marcuse victim pyramid is anti-history. However, as the far left constantly rewrites history they fail to understand anything that falls outside of their naritive.

The Yezidi are a Kurdish people who practice a religion that many believe is the authentic aboriginal Kurdish religion. The Yezidi are one of many highly persecuted people. Many people see their religion as a form of devil worship. Their core belief is that they are descended from a union of the seed of Adam and the Peacock angel.
They also believe i the flood of Noah and point to a spring in their region where they believe the waters came from.

The Yezidi live like the Falasha in seperate villages. The villages are near the mountains where they can flee for safety. This is similar to the Falasha who lived in seperate villages from their Christian and Muslim neighbors. Gypsies had essentially traveling communities that were apart. The notion of persecuted people seperating themselves from a larger community seems to have served these communities well as a survival mechanism.

For those of you who think Saddam was not a Commie. Saddam took many of the Yezidi
off their ancesteral lands where they suffered. Saddam also destroyed the way of life of Marsh Arabs. Ethnic deportation and class genocide are common commie practices.

Who and what the Yezidi are is unknown. There is one group that appears to have migrated back from Lebenon with a Sufi mystic still revered today Sheik Abdi bin Musafir who was from the Bekaa Valley. They are not mentioned in the Talmud, but that does not infer they weren't there.

They seemed to have thrived in the Kudish autonomous region. However, the communities in Turkey emigrated to Germany. There are also Yezidi communities in Armenia. Acccording to legend the Yezidi helped some Armenians survive the genocide. I have not been able to find confirmation of this legend in book form.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Again, something new to learn from you, thanks for posting on this. I will direct this post to an old Armenian anti-Jihadist friend of mine, he for sure will enjoy this.

And now, the question from me to you is: are you coming to DC for the protest on march 17th? I am coming out with AOW and her people.

Mr. Ducky said...

Ooops, more Israeli naughtiness

beakerkin said...

More unproven allegations originating from unhinged Commies.
The story is of dubious authenticity and has been around for years.

Where are the stories about the Pseudostinians massacring Chrisians
in Lebanon? Was Arafat or any of his thugs ever held accountable.

Where are the trials for Daniel Ortega and the Sandinazis for massacring Native Americans with Pseudostinian mercenaries.

It seems the demented far left has justice only when it fits their storyline.

beakerkin said...

Steve I am up in Montreal and too far away for the Gathering of Eagles.

Z said...

actually, I only recently learned the Kurds were some of the biggest mistreaters of the ARmenians, responsible for many deaths, so it's interesting to read this bunch you're focusing on are welcome guests now in ARmenia.

I'm thinking not many people in that area can deny the flood of Noah, by the way...the evidence is pretty compelling, but the Turks won't let anyone scale Mt. Ararat anymore...CLOSED. God forbid it's proven beyond a doubt, it would give credence to that 'pesky' famous Judeo/Christian book!!!

And, yes, it's so easy to lump all Iranians, Iraqis, etc., as "Arabs" when they are clearly not. I'm unsure about peacocks, but ...whatever works!!!

Farmer John said...

Peacock angel? Foreign invader from India/Persia?

beakerkin said...


Peacocks do dot seem satanic to me.

Z There may be truth in these legends. The Yezidi have been welcomed into Armenia.

The Kurds were the henchmen of the Turks in the genocide.

Mr. Ducky said...

Z, you're correct that the flood myth is hard to deny. However it was chronicled in Assyrian literature in the age of Ashurbanipal long before Genesis.

beakerkin said...


I am sure most of our readers have read the Epic of Gilgamesh. Do note Ducks are nowhere to be found in that story.

Farmer John said...

Are you familiar with the myth of Io? It sounds like a variation on the Greek founding myth for Egypt. The peacock could very well be Argus... for the tailfeather look like eyes (and Io also symbolizes the "moon" & its' craters).

Personally, I believe it may be part of a tale that relates to a Sumerian or Babylonian, migration to Egypt and the founding of the many states in between (spread of the 1st civilizations).

beakerkin said...

They call the Peacock Angel Tawsi Melek. I thought of that as well.

Yet Kurdish is not a Semitic lenguage and the term for Angel is Maloch, Melek is very close to the Hebrew word for King. I wonder what the Syriac and Aramaic words are.

It is a possibilty, but the Yezidi are a large unknown.

z said...

"Long before Genesis"? Wow....especially when nobody knows exactly what dates were what....there are some theologians who say the 'seven days' it took God to build the world were not necessarily seven days...

Good that the 'myth' ('hard to deny' usually takes it out of 'myth' category, by the way) is in 'literature'. The Bible isn't literature, it's history.


Always On Watch Two said...

I am up in Montreal and too far away for the Gathering of Eagles.

I figured as much. Too bad!

Next week, I'm going to post my personal reason for going. It's an anecdote which will explain why, for the first time in my life, I'm participating in a protest. Er, counter-protest. I've never been one to take to the streets. Until now.

FLORIAN said...

Arabs are definitely NOT indigenous to the ME unlike what fools like upclown and ducky think. Heck, even Kurds aren't indigenous to the region--they came with the Turkic tribes of Ghenghis Khan and his Mongolian invasions of the region. Gypsies are from India. Where is Bridgitte Gabriel from? Phoenicia is really part of modern day Lebanon.

FLORIAN said...

Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Assyria and Persia have so many hundreds or even thousands of different ethnicities. It's incredibly interesting and fascinating to know the history of this region. True ethnic Egyptians (Copts) despise Arabic Egyptians--the Siwan community in western Egypt are a Berber community living in western Egypt--they don't look a lick like Arab and they speak a Berber language. Ever heard of them Beaker?

z said...

florian? What's an Arab?

FLORIAN said...

Descendants confined to the Arabian penninsula.

kuhnkat said...


please state your sources for the DATING mechanism you allude to when claiming the ASSyrian literature predates Genesis!!


You misedumacated FOOL!!!

beakerkin said...

I think Ducky is mistaking Sumerians for Assyrians. I am quite fond of Assyrians who are one of many genuine indigenous people the Duck spits on while railing about contrived ones. Any comparison of Assyrians with Pseudostinians shows the case for Assyria is greater. It just doesn't fit the Commie playbook.

kuhnkat said...


the mistake that FOOLS like Ducktard make is that they use the date that CURRENT versions of the writing were made. That is, some scholars claim that the Book was ORIGINALLY written while the Jews were in exile and was therefor influenced, especially the flood, by the stories in their exiled areas!!

This totally ignores that the Jews were a literate people who were recording important things before their exile and did not have to depend on memory!!

When it comes to atheist haters who want to deny the Bible there is no end to the revisionist HISTORY!!!


One of the interesting findings in recent memory comes from three areas of study.

1) common agricultural crops mostly have been traced to the general area of the Mountains holding the Ship from the flood.

2) linguists have traced language roots to the same area.

3) geneticists have also traced our ancestry through the same region.

Sure sounds like a rather small number of people got things started again from that area!!!


American Crusader said...

"Berbers are among the many people that chafe under the term Arab."

This is surprisingly not true among many Algerians who claim Arab ancestry...maybe because Arabs come first under the eyes of Allah.