Saturday, March 24, 2007

Freedom of Association and Hypocrisy

Many of us have different views on this issue. The usual context we discuss this in is if Churches should be allowed to exclude homosexuals. A church is not a public accomodation like Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is an organization devoted to meeting the spiritual needs of its congregants. All religions have their points of exlusion and pretending otherwise is naive.

Most of the Christians I know follow the notion of love the sinner hate the sin. The reality is that there are minimal rules of behaior in most religions and in society as well. Our country is governed by Civil and not religious law. Yet the notion of if a house of worship as a private organization has the right to determine who its members are is a matter of a different sort. A church does have the right to determine who is a member. One can choose another Church with a less restricive view of scripture.

The Duck sees nothing wrog with freedom of association when a Communist school takes the unprecedented step of interviewing parents. The Duck sees nothing sinister about placing prospective parents through a litmus test. The fact that the religious schools he scoffs at are less elitist has gone over the Ducks head. A religious school like a college interviews people based on ability. The students ability is the sole critera for admission.

People like the Duck tend to ignore communist elitism . The admission process at the notorious Elizabeth Irwin School of treason resembles an elite prep school more than a Yeshiva. Religious school do not need empty words about the working class because most of their students are from the working class.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...
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beakerkin said...

Herb Aptheker adopted Davis so it is safe to assume he paid the bill.
The question was if the noted Communist got a legacy discount.

Moreover Aptheker's daughters end up getting questionable jobs in academia based upon suspect credentials. The Duck seems to Deny a Commie Odessa network exists. However Commuinist cronies
seem to land jobs despite suspect credentials and a lengthy criminal past

z said...

Ducky would champion a leftist school interviewing parents just to make sure they're safe because they can't allow a difference in thinking. Can't mess up feelings with pesky facts. Imagine if a Conservative somehow snuck in and befuddled them with facts?

DU doesn't allow Conservative comments, FPM does.

You allow both. FOX TV always has two sided panels on every single subject, CNN rarely does. typical. Who's surprised?

Anonymous said...
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kuhnkat said...

Just to make sure things are clear, a Christian based church will NOT exclude gays except in positions of LEADERSHIP and EXAMPLE to prevent the children from being mislead!!


kuhnkat said...

Oh yeah,

Ducktard should sell his video equipment, vehicles (of any), gold, house... and send it to these poor benighted middle easterners!!!,7340,L-3380600,00.html