Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Incoherent Terrorists in the Philipinnes

What is going on in the Philipinnes? Terrorists hold school kids hostage to improve slum conditions. Yes lets try to improve the conditions here by taking kids hostage traumatising them even if there is a peaceful solution. If the solution isn't peaceful well we will kill a few to improve the lot of the rest.

Has there been an escape from the local mental hospital? I wonder if these nuts were motivated by reading Ducky's memior "I Duck memoirs of a Socially Progressive Vidiot". Anyone want to guess which film review of the Duck motivated these idiots?

The three nominees are

1 John Q
2 Dog Day Afternoon
3 Day of the Jackass er Jackal.

People may nominate other films that motivated this idiocy.

This is classic Marxist illogic we shall kill the children to better their lives.


Always On Watch Two said...

I just read the story on Yahoo. First paragraph:

A man with a history of attention-grabbing stunts took a busload of students and teachers hostage from his day-care center and drove them to City Hall Wednesday, keeping them onboard for hours and demanding better lives for the children.

His day-care center???

Later in the article:

Ducat said the hostage-taking was for the children's benefit.

"I am asking for justice so they can have continued education up to college," Ducat said.

Social Welfare Secretary Esperanza Cabral talked with Ducat and offered assurances that the children would get a good education.

According to the article, Ducat has two grenades, an assault rifle and a .45-caliber pistol.

Yeah, he's really looking out for the kids' benefits. **snerk**

And the final paragraph:

"I know him as a very, very passionate individual who has his own kind of thinking on the solutions to our problems," Manila Mayor Lito Atienza said.

"Passionate"??? As in a nut job???

Always On Watch Two said...

He's now releasing the kids.

Get this! He pulled the pin on the grenade. Now he's trying to put the pin back in.

beakerkin said...


This is clearly the case of a very deranged person. A history of attention grabbing stunts sounds familiar....

This man seems destined for a mental health facility and medication.

Farmer John said...

Modern day sacrifices to Lycaon Zeus.