Thursday, March 15, 2007

Off to New Jersey

I am leaving Vermont at 12 Noon. I should be in NJ by around 8pm. I am going to try to talk Drummaster into going to DC on Saturday. So far I have had no luck as I am trying to get to DC.

Other News Kahlid Sheikh Mohammad has confessed to being the mastermind of the 9-11 attack and the Daniel Pearl beheading. No doubt John Brown will claim he was tortured by guards threatining to release pictures of noted Porn Actor and scuzball
Ron Jeremy perfoming unIslamic acts. Ron Jeremy and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad are look alikes.

A mystery witness claims to have seen a gunman shooting at the police in the Sean Bell case. I am somewhat sceptical of this account as the police never recovered shells. However, in the rush to judge the cops the usual suspects ignored the facts. The fact is several of the cops who were involved were black. Many times the local agitators add a racial elements that may not be there.

Hillary's lead over Obama is melting fast. Clinton runs a paradox in that any attacks on Obama must be seen as coming from elsewhere. Any Clintonista attack on Obama might boomarang in the Black community she depends on for support.

If I meet with Rav Roov on Sunday I will do a blog interview. Some of you are under the mistaken impression that Kahanism is a mainstream opinion in the Orthodox Jewish community. This is the view of a few verbose and arrogant types who are mostly screwballs and wingnuts. I will ask Rav Roov how long he has been "Helenized". Oddly, Rav Roov was unaware of this condition and thought he was an Orthodox Rabbi.

Beamish in 08


FLORIAN said...

Ron Jeremy and KSM look alikes?!!! LOL!

They both look fugly......

I'd love to read an interview with Rav Roov. It'd be interesting.

Farmer John said...

No doubt Ron Jeremy and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed are not look alikes below the wasteline... or Mohammed would be a lot more mellow a guy. I got a feeling Khalid went to a Ron Jeremy movie as a kid, his friends then all laughed and made fun of him in the shower after gym class, and he's vowed to exact his revenge ever since.

Farmer John said...

Have a safe trip!

beakerkin said...

I didn't realizze you read Jams. He is the rare type of lefty who does slogan and isn't hateful. He also makes zero excuses for the the left's disasters.

He is an idealist and as such I see his dissent in a different light. Apparently AOW reads that site as well but I was under the impression it was for the Cat pictures.

The Merry Widow said...

Have a good trip, and go collect a hug from AoW, she was told to give you one from me! So show up!
the sheik is someone I would run from in a dark alley, he looks like a lowlife mugger!
Who's Ron Jeremy? No, forget I asked!


beakerkin said...

Ron Jeremy is a very sleazy porn actor who looks like Khalid Sheik Mohammad. Jeremy is not known for his talent but rather his endowment.

Always On Watch Two said...

Apparently AOW reads that site as well but I was under the impression it was for the Cat pictures.

Primarily for the cat pictures. But I look around at other of articles by Jams.

Have a good trip, and go collect a hug from AoW, she was told to give you one from me! So show up!

If we meet up and if Beak likes hugs, he gets at least two--one from you and one from me.

Always On Watch Two said...

Addendum: If he wants hugs, that is.

Farmer John said...
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Always On Watch Two said...

I found a Ron Jeremy flick on YouTube. He and KSM do bear an uncanny resemblance with regard to facial features. As to the rest...?

kuhnkat said...

Rosie O'Donnel has accused Bush and Company of beating the Shake almost to death getting the confession, doing an Abu Graib on him!!

I believe Rosie's conscience is bothering her and that she was complicit in his torture!! Yes, I think they used Rosie's panties on him!!!


Let the War Crimes Trial Begin!!!!