Saturday, March 24, 2007

Comedy Central

MZ and KY have gone off the deep end and have now described me as a self loathing Jew and as a traitor. It would seem that my rejection of MZ's sermons have upset the deranged Kahane crowd. Can he link this site as an apikores site? Is MZ's latest comedy just more of this condescension and arrogance he is well known for. What took him so long to stick up for Florian?

I have never cared for the Kahanist nuts and they are by no means reflective of the larger Modern Orthodox Jewish Community. Most members of the Orthodox Jewish community including my own family go about their lives in peace. They have no desire to force their way on others. Above all they never arrogantly invoke God at those who disagree with them. The comments about MZ sticking the Talmud in his ass were over the top. However, given MZ and KY's sermons and haughty preaching it is regretable, but understandable.

I have always been a secularist and have never hid that fact. I respect genuine religious people and my blog has always conveyed my respect for religious people.
I have no desire to live under a theocracy of any kind and consider Kahanists nuts.
I am proud of my country America and serve it every day. I also take pride in my heritage and fight real antisemites.

I find MZ and KY's depiction of me as a traitor amusing. They have described an unwavering supporter of Israel as a traitor. Intelligent life on planet MZ doesn't exist.


MZ has been on my blog for three hours and reviewed 36 pages. Who is obsessed with whom???

Now a third clown has shown up stating the he let out a fart in my honor. This is probably his first intelligent action of his life.

Now the Kahanist clowns are woried about my soul. Lets cut this plain and simple worry about your own souls. I have no need of spiritual guidance from easily duped clowns.

Maybe I can go to MZ's new business Jiffy Teshuvah. Pay $39.99 and Kiss MZ's ass with a few empty words and you are redeemed. It doesn't work like that, but whatever floats your boat.

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