Saturday, March 03, 2007

Book Review for Planet India

The book has its high points and deals with a subject of vital importance to America.
The Author is a hard left NPR type and one can still glean much information despte her blatant agenda. The commitment to excellence is quite evident in the authors talks with various corporate leader. These leaders are commited to delivering a high quality product at an afordable price. In almost all cases there is a genuine love for what they are doing. A person with a can do attitude can go places. This can do attitude used to be the hallmark of American companies until endless legalisms and sloth got in the way of things.

The author is hyper critical of American corporations and BJP. She places almost 100% of the blame for the ethnic strife in India on Hindus. She fails to note that India created two ethnically cleansed failed Muslim states. However, Muslims even when granted their own states did not leave. Moreover, these states agitate for more territory. There are also other groups such as the Naga people seeking similar independence.

The author also only briefly touches on the Nehru clans mindless Socialism that held a dynamic eutrepenuerial people back. Moreover much of the negative perceptions of India in America could be laid at the feet of the mindless Indira Gahndi. Indira Ghandi's mouth set back Indian American relations for years. Her son had more sense and started to undo the damage. India is now an admired and loved country in the USA.

The author touches on the many genuine and daunting problems in India. She also never seems to get around to blaming Commies for their commitment to class genocide and failed ideas. The author clings to the myth that poverty causes people to embrace Communism. People embrace Communism as a means to an end to steal power.

The book is still enjoyable despite the author's poor grasp of history and blatant political agenda.

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Sahasi said...

Didn't you notice at least one blatant error in this book???