Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wrong Person on Trial

The real story of the Scooter Libby trial is Judicial malfeasence. Valerie Plame is not a covert operative and should have immediately been terminated. The Federal Government has rules and regulations about nepotism. Moreover, we swear an oath to the United States government. The first error by the judge was not allowing the jury to consider if Plame was a covert employee, she wasn't.

Joe Wilson was a hardened Democratic hack and was sent by his wife to Niger in clear violation of the laws of nepotism. Moreover, sending someone who was a political hack to do an investigation with predetermined conclusions was disingenuous. The real truth is Plame and the other managers who facilitated Wilson should have been reprimanded.

The so called furor of the famous 16 word sentence has been backed by Brittish intelligence. Repeated findings in two countries have concluded Joe Wilson lied. Moreover Wilson has maintained that it was Dick Cheeney who sent him to Niger and his wife had nothing to do with it.

Joe Wilson dreamed a Gomer Kerry administration would reward his duplicity with an under Secretary of State position. A normal politician would be wary of treason and duplicity, but this is Gomer Kerry who is well versed in both treason and duplicity.

If there were genuine justice Gomer Kerry would be on the stand right now. Gomer Kerry should explain what contact he had with Wilson and what was promised. Kerry is well versed in perjury as he has lied in the floor of the senate about being sent into Cambodia to kill Col Kurtz while Doors music played. Oh that was Gomer Kerry's review of Apocalypse Now in the Boston Globe. He seems to think that movie is autobiographical. Kerry repeated this claim on the floor of Congress in an effort to save the Sandinazis who were slaughtering Native Americans.

Kerry also had met with NVA officials in Paris while a member of the US Naval Reserve. This offense should have earned him time in a military prison. Kerry also founded a group with a fake Vietnam Veteran who never set foot in Vietnam, he loaded
planes and never piloted them, lied about his rank that was never close to Captain,
lied about injuries that were said to be combat related but in fact were the result of a basketball game in Hoboken. This should come a zero surprise but Al Hubbard was an actual Communist. Kerry also led the discredited Winter Soldier hearing in Detroit that was famous for fake veterans, witnesses prepared by the NOI, people stealing the identity of actual soldiers and testifying in their name.

The questions should not be directed at Scooter Libby or Cheeney. The person who should be on the stand is Joe Wilson. In fact the defense was not allowed to present
Wilson's record of lies or Plame's misconduct. Libby's should now claim he is lying about sex and try the Clinton defense.

This episode also explains why far left types should never be allowed to work in government in any capacity. They do not take their oaths of office seriously and with rare exception are disruptive.

Beamish in 08


Jason_Pappas said...

It�s amazing what the Dems get away with. Kerry should have been tried for treason long ago. By the way, did he get an honorable discharge?

The New York Times leaks info about how we track terrorist funding in foreign banks and nothing happens.

The CIA has a 60 year history of being wrong. The nukes that they thought might be in Iraq were in Libya. It�s an Arab shell game. The good news is that you only have to invade one Arab country and the problem is solved. Mission accomplished.

Always On Watch Two said...

The New York Times leaks info about how we track terrorist funding in foreign banks and nothing happens.

IMO, these "revelations" by the NYT are over the line. The Treason Times!

Urban_Infidel said...

Meanwhile in Hollywoodland:

Film rights to Valerie Plame's unpublished FAIR GAME (if, and once approved by the CIA) and life rights for Plame and husband Joe Wilson, to Warner Bros., with Akiva Goldsman at Weed Road and Jerry Zucker and Janet Zucker at Zucker Productions producing.

Mr. Ducky said...

Damn hilarious watching you guys squirm.

Pappas, let me ask you this. How often do intelligence services credit a nation with a capability it doesn't have? The last I can remember before the Iraqi fiasco was the MiG Foxbat which was much less than we though after a pilot defected. Yet all the world's intelligence services believed Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction" (yeah, some rusty mustard gas shells, you diaper pissers).

I know you are far right and as a result have trouble living the life of the mind but haven't you figured out that you were had? Stubborn or stupid. Which is it?

The New York Times leaks info about how we track terrorists. No you damn fool. The Times leaked the story that Bush was engaging in illegal domestic surveillance.
Or do you think that al-Qaeda et. al. didn't know there phones messages were being actively monitored. Are you really that stupid?

Nules in Libya? You clown. I bet Hussein trucked all of his "weapons of mass destruction" (i.e. rusty mustard gas shells? You bed wetter) into Syria.

Kerry should be tried for treason. LMFAO.

You're as big a stitch as Beak who thinks that Valerie Plame had hiring authority for an operation that came from Cheney's office.

Damn you people are fools. Well keep giving us a laugh. The whole Randoid, Likud scheme is being kicked to the curb. Good riddance to a group of grasping fools.

Mr. Ducky said...

Something is rotten in the heart of Washington; and it lies in the vice-president's office. The salience of this case is obvious. What it is really about - what it has always been about - is whether this administration deliberately misled the American people about WMD intelligence before the war. The risks Cheney took to attack Wilson, the insane over-reaction that otherwise very smart men in this administration engaged in to rebut a relatively trivial issue: all this strongly implies the fact they were terrified that the full details of their pre-war WMD knowledge would come out. Fitzgerald could smell this. He was right to pursue it, and to prove that a brilliant, intelligent, sane man like Libby would risk jail to protect his bosses. What was he really trying to hide? We now need a Congressional investigation to find out more, to subpoena Cheney and, if he won't cooperate, consider impeaching him.

beakerkin said...

Lets see so now the Duck reaveals his bigotry once again Libby is a Joooo and it is the Joooos who got us into the Iraq war.

Wilson lied and Plame did in fact recomend he husband for the job. The violations of protocol and professionalism are a fact. Cheeney had zero to do with Wilson and never heard of him.

Two countries have found that Joe Wilson lied. Moreover, Gomer Kerry should be on the stand explaining his own contact with Joe Wilson. What was Joe Wilson promised by Kerry. We also should find out what contact Mary Mapes had with Kerry.

Anonymous said...

The right never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity. This case was not about Wilson or his Wife, this was about a man trying to cover for his boss, who had a problem telling the truth. It is amusing how now the right has a new word for lying, it's called "Faulty Memory", I guess when you tell one person one thing and another person another thing, they call it lying, unless of course your a republican, than its just faulty Memory and those leftists just hate you, because in no way could a republican do anything wrong!

(ok now that I have thrown up)

"Cheney had zero to do with Wilson and never heard of him."

Beak don't humor me with that nonsense, you have no way of knowing that, except for listening to the talk show morons that you listen too, that always try to portray what they say as fact, when it's not, it's opinion. Unless you were in Cheney's head 24/7, you might know this, providing its his head he uses for making decision and not Infant sacrifices to Satan.

The fact remains Libby could not tell the truth, and even refused to take the stand in his own defence, and kept Cheney away from the trial to defend him, which tells me he had something to hide. A liar is still a liar in my book, where in with the political ideologues a liar is only a liar when he/she is a democrat, other than that the person just has a faulty memory!

What a joke!

Mr. Ducky said...

I congratulate Mr. Bayn for trying to take a common sense perspective.

Come on Beak. You think l'affaire Libby passes the smell test?

beakerkin said...


Memos have debunked Wilson's repeated claims. It was in fact his wife who recomended him for the job. Wilson has been found by two countries to have lied.

Why is Cheeney going to appoint a Kerry opperative to do anything.

More to the point the jury was given faulty information. Plame was not a covert opperative and not covered in any law. More to the point her job was common knowledge. The defense was prohibited from discussing the matter.

The question should be what contact
did Wilson have with the Kerry camp. Two commissions have found Joe Wilson lied. The Brittish also maintain Wilson is a congenital liar.

Two commisions in two countries and a trail of memos have allready proven Joe Wilson should be on trial. Maybe Libby should call Bill Clinton or Sandy Burglar.

There is zero evidence that Cheeney had any involvement with Wilson. This assertion flies in the face of logic and a stack of memos. Plame and her supervisors should be terminated for negligence.

Mr. Ducky said...

Wilson's wife had hiring authority on a misdirection mission from Cheney's office.

You truly are a moron, Beak. Please stop listening to talk radio and try to think.

beakerkin said...

There is zero evidence that Cheeney's office had anything to do with the hiring of Wilson. Moreover, Wilson has repeated lied several times about his wife's involvement.

Two government commissions have found Joe Wilson to have lied. Moreover, there is zero logic or evidence to back up this insane theory. Cheeney is going to pick a well known far left opperative to handle an important mission does not pass the smell test. It is also known that Wilson had met with the Kerry camp. What did John Kerry discuss.

More to the point how many times did Wilson lie about his wife's involvement. Her apointment of her husband is a clear case of nepotism and breach of professionalism.

Wrong answer.

Mr. Ducky said...

Okay folks, Beak has been made to look like a total fool and now he invokes the straw man.

Life of the mind, Beak. Life of the mind.

Don't box outside your weight. Give the Mark Levin show.

Anonymous said...

Once again Beak, you miss the point entirely.

This case was about Libby lying to the FBI and lying to the Federal Grand Jury. Whether or not Wilson lied is another topic, besides you can't defend one persons bad behavior with the bad behavior of someone else. In this case it is obvious that Libby lied or had a "Faulty Memory".

Anonymous said...

Ah, leave the poor Democrats alone. Tying FIGs around the necks of the Pharmakoi at the Thargelia is one of their favorite pastimes. It helps them justify their continued ignorance.

beakerkin said...


The fact was Plame's job was not classified. Plame was involved in misconduct and should have been terminated.

The defense was never allowed to argue if Plame had protected status. This is the key point of the entire trial. Wilson had been lying to the press that Cheeney sent him on a mission. Wilson was a Kerry op and lying through his teeth. Moreover, the paperwork has proven beyond any doubt that Plame did in fact have her husband appointed.


Mark Levin is a genuine Constitutional scholar who knows quite a bit about the law. His view on the Libby fiasco and judicial malfeasance is dead on.

Plame was never a protected employee. Plame abused her power. Wilson lied about several items most notably who appointed him and was a Kerry Operative. The defense was not allowed to question if Plame was a covert employee. The prosecutor was allowed to place a whole string of red herrings on the table. The defense was not allowed to present the behavior of Joe Wilson and Plame herself.

Levin is dead on.

When Levin talks about Law he is an expert.

American Crusader said...

This is a classical display of prosecutorial misconduct.
This was a politically motivated witch hunt conducted by Patrick Fitzgerald.
Unable to make a case against Karl Rove or maybe even Cheney, this piss ant needed someone to hang and Scooter Libby became the target.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, hardly matters. This isn't going to be over until Chucklenuts is behind plexiglass at The Hague.

American Crusader said... figured it out. Dick Cheney is the evil puppetmaster twirling his marionettes in a grand plan of world domination.

Mr. Ducky said...


"I fathered Anna Nicole's baby -- O.J."

Greatest entertainment site on the web.

Mr. Ducky said...

Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson hatch a secret plot together to subvert the Clown Car administration while they hid out in their secret headquarters feeding their sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads.

Exclusive to the Beak Speaks. Stay tuned.

beakerkin said...


Wilson was a Kerry opperative who was fired when it became evident that he lied and was unstable.
The fact remains Wilson lied about his wife's role in the hiring process. He was found by two governmental commissions to have been dishonest.

Why did John Kerry fire Joe Wilson?

Moreover, Wilson attempted a hatchet job on the administration in a blatant abuse of power by his wife. The paperwork has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Plame was directly involved in the appointment of Wilson. Not one memo or witness has ever backed any of Wilsons far fetched stories.
In fact the paperwork proved Wilson is a liar and a crack pot.

Why did Kerry fire Wilson

Mr. Ducky said...

John Kerry, Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson in hot bisexual love triangle.

Wilson fired. Spicy pix in a THE BEAK SPEAKS exclusive. Stay tuned.

beakerkin said...

The fact still remain facts

1 Wilson claimed his wife had no involvement with his appointment.

Memos prove otherwise beyond doubt

2 Two government commisions found Wilson lied.

3 Wilson was a Kerry campaign opperative and was fired.

4 Zero evidence ties Wilson's appointment to Cheeney

5 Plame was not a covert op

6 Plame abused her authority and is guilty of misconduct

7 The role of Plame was central to debunking a myth created by a Kerry operative.

8 Plame's job was common knowledge.

9 The judge did not allow any examination of Plame's status a key point to the defense. Nor was the behavior of Joe "Austin Powers" Wilson ever examined.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak you idiot who the bleep cares. LIBBY was on trial.

Do you know what a straw man argument is?

Stop presenting yourself as an illiterate talk show maven.

beakerkin said...


One can not have a trial about disclosing the identity of a covert op. The Judge did not allow any argument on the question of if the law applied to Plame. Moreover, the repeated obvious duplicity of Austip Powers Joe Wilson is central to the case.

The judge allowed plenty of red herrings into the courtroom. The central question was Plame a perotected employee was never considered. Plame was never a protected employee and should have been terminated.

Joe Wilson was a Kerry campaign operative and involved with a Commie front group Win Without War.

Wilson and Plame should be in the court room not Libby. Abusing your job for political purposes is a violation of the law.

Anonymous said...

This comment is practically mirrored from AC's blog:

I sincerely hope that Bush pardons Libby! It will be a slap in the face of the moronic left.

Plame and her husband took advantage of this and went and got a book deal. What a frighteningly dull and boring read THAT would be...the misadventures of a high paid paper pusher that really wasn't a spy at all.

Besides all of that, she wasn't even attractive.

This whole thing was a boring scenario from the onset - and an expensive one for all of us too, all brought at the hands of completely useless and utterly mindless libtards just wanting to score points against the Bush administration.

Jason_Pappas said...

Pappas, let me ask you this. How often do intelligence services credit a nation with a capability it doesn't have?

"Since World War II, our intelligence agencies failed utterly to foresee the Chinese invasion of Korea, the Yom Kippur War, the fall of the Shah of Iran, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the sudden spread of Islamic fundamentalism, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the Cambodian and Rwandan holocausts, and the acquisition of the bomb by Pakistan and North Korea." - VDH

We found the nukes ... they were in Libya. Mission accomplished. Libby is a side show for those who are constantly on the wrong side of history.

Bush did lie ... when he said "Islam means peace." But that's about it.

Mr. Ducky said...

Jason can we try again. Forget about your supposed failures to predict events. When has a nation been credited with serious offensive capabilities that it did not have.

Libya had a few centrifuges and we knew it.

Now please demonstrate your erudition. It's not that I think that Randoids are unthinking robiots but they can be doctrinaire.

beakerkin said...


Lets see you are part of the same crew that claimed there would be no genocide when the USA left SE Asia. Then your crew turns around with half baked theories that the US bombing drove Cambodia to collective insanity.

The same crew has also knowingly lied about the Rosenberg's, funding of CPUSA and a plethora of front groups. I will also add flat earth economics, fake indigenous people while spitting on genuine ones and repeated acts of class genocide.

Comparing your record to any group other than Nazis and Jihadis is a joke. Where are those Randoid Killing Fields and Glags.

Mr. Ducky said...

You bring up the Rosenberg's. Damn, you are persistent. Stubborn AND stupid.

Now back to the question. Please name instances where intelligence services credited nations with offensive capabilities they didn't have.

"Libya had the nukes". No nukes were found in Libya and in fact no serious enrichment capabilities were found but everyone knew there wasn't much there. Just some mustard gas which dissipates so quickly in heat (Jason, are you a biochemist? Do you know anything about chem weapons?)it is not very effective in desert regions against a mobile enemy.

Answer the question Beak.

Mr. Ducky said...

Next on As The Beak Speaks:

Scooter Libby. Why was he Marc Rich's attorney?

Jason_Pappas said...

Ducky, the inaccuracy of the CIA is legendary. It can under-predict and over-predict. The VDH quote proves both. Of course the greatest intel failure was the failure to detect and stop the Rosenbergs. The left foamed-at-the-mouth for years before Venona confirmed they were guilty.

Pakistan and North Korea now have nukes. Iran will soon. Saddam was one year away from a nuke in 1991 but we didn't know until the Gulf War.

Once again our intel is woefully inadequate. It's a rough guess. With enemies that use covert methods you have to take a stab based on a rough guess.

Of course, does anyone here doubt that if Saddam, Iran, or Libya gets nukes the left will proclaim that it's not a problem and we shouldn't worry about it? Why bother arguing with a leftist when as far as they are concerned, America is the danger in the world.

beakerkin said...


Jason has provided you with the answer. Moreover, the CIA was not alone in the assessment of WMD. The Fwench, Russians and every other intelligence agancy in the world had the same exact opinion.

The fact that something hasn't been found in large quantities does not mean it was never there. Nor did Saddam deny he had used them in the trial. He also never stated in the trial that he did not posses such weapons.

More warped logic from the Rosenberg's as martyr gang. Speaking of Marc Rich who lied and said "the government of Israel pressured me to pardon Rich". No such request was ever made by the Israeli government.

Mr. Ducky said...

Jason, Pakistan obtained nukes without being discovered. That is exactly the opposite of the situation I am questioning.

When have nations been accused of having nuclear capability and not had it?

Mr. Ducky said...

Next on The Beak Speaks:

Marc Rich, Scooter Libby's prime client. Why did Ehud Barak beg for his pardon?

beakerkin said...

Wrong Ducky Barak stated on American TV he asked for Polard. Clinton no longer makes that claim because it was debunked.

Mr. Ducky said...

Ehud Barak demands the pardon of a convicted spy and that precludes bargaining for Mossad agent Marc Rich.


beakerkin said...

Barak was on American TV and said he asked Clinton for Polard and not Rich who was never in US custody.

I find your sense of indignation about Pollard to be warped. Israel is not an enemy and Pollard has served more time than people who spied for the Soviets.

Leave it to the same people who screamed about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as martyrs to scream about Polard. How much time did Win Ho Lee get?

lets see these Commies who get miffed about treason charges for Kerry, Fonda and Chomsky now get patriotic about Polard. Do not sugest that muslim's tossing grenades at their fellow soldiers have loyalty issues. Do not hint that Chinese have dual loyalty issues. Make that acusation only about Jooos who support an ally.

No group has had a more convincing record of treason and deception than the far left itself.

Mr. Ducky said...

Pollard should have been executed.


beakerkin said...

This is quite amusing from a person who has lectured me about Ayers and Dorn. Were there crimes more serious than those of Pollard.

How about making broadcasts from enemy territory in the war like Communists Noam Chomsky and Jane Fonda did in Vietnam. How about meeting with foreign intelligence while a member of US Naval Reserve?
How about giving money to our enemies in Falujah?

Then there are the WTC 93 crew and their willing accomplace Lynn Stewart. Stewart knowingly violated the law and helped a convicted terrorist sneak out messages.

Lets see Libby commits no crime and can get seventy times more jail time than Stewart who knowingly broke the law.

I think if we start executing traitors the folks at MIT better hide Chomsky. What penalty have Chomsky, Fonda, Kerry, Ayers and Dorn suffered? Polard has served his time and should be freed.

In fact Polards behavior qualifies him for a job at the NY Times.

kuhnkat said...

Ducktard the Greenie Weenie Fascist says:

"Pollard should have been executed."

and based on what DAMAGE to the security of the US do you base this oh so excellent statement??


Kerry was part of a conspiracy that was directly responsible for over 2 MILLION DEATHS!!!!!! He also helped damage the WORLD reputation of the US!!!

Pollard did WHAT again??

Kerry killed more people than YOU claim Bush is responsible for!!! Unfortunately none of them were enemies of the US except the wounded Viet Cong teenager he executed!!!


You pathetic apologist!!!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Let me tell you why Fitzy's "investigation" went nowhere.

Three reasons, really:

1.) Valerie Plame was not a covert agent, thus it was no crime to reveal her name (the investigation should have ended here)

2.) Joe Wilson's credibility self-destructed with the British Butler Report, the Senate Intelligence Committee report on pre-war intelligence, and the Niger govermnent's own admissions

3.) Valerie Plame used a CIA front company as the name of her employer to claim tax credits for donations to the Democratic Party, thus compromising a CIA front as well as others. As it stands now, the only publicly available records clearly show that the only activities a company called "Brewster Jennings & Associates" engaged in was employing donors to the Democratic Party, and making corporate donations to the DNC itself. There are several other embezzlements of the intelligence budget for political purposes beyond BJ&A. There be scandal under that rug.

That's right, kids. During the Clinton Administration, the #1 contributor to the Democratic Party was the CIA.

Mr. Ducky said...

What conspiracy was that cumquaart?

Still having bladder control problems I see.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Johnathan Pollard was sentenced to 2 life sentences in prison.

In light of the crimes actually attributable to him (since he was initially a fall guy for Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames) he only deserves one life sentence.

So, let him out when his bones stink.

beakerkin said...


The conspiracy you are part and parcel of the global communist menace. Kerry knowingly lied to aid the Sandanazis on the Senate floor. The Winter Soldier hearings were quickly debunked. He presented a fake Vietnam Veteran who was an actual communist as genuine. He met with the NVA while still a member of the US Naval Reserves. Kerry should be in front of a firing squad with Ayers, Dorn, Fonda and Chomsky.

I would also like to read the KGB files on Tom Hayden.

kuhnkat said...


I believe he DID get an honourable discharge.

Of course, his Silver Star with the Oak Leaf Clusters had at least 2 rewrites with subsequent resubmission and signatures changing the original wording, so, it is very hard to know what may be real and may be influence in the part of his record that was released!!!


For those of you who never heard about this issue, Oak Leaf Clusters represent subsequent awards of the same medal. In other words, if Ketchup Kerry has a Silver Star with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters it would reflect that he had been awarded 3 Silver Stars!!!

Based on his records he was awarded only 1 Silver Star!!!

Therefor the Swiftees and many others hear about this and say, WTF????????????

FLORIAN said...

Unfortunately for Libby, he's the one who has to take the fall for some of the current administrations shortfalls--or should I say total screw-ups. I still think this who Valerie Plame ordeal is a non-issue. Nobody ratted her out, but the MSM would love to make you believe Rove or Cheney were behind it all. Pretty boring stuff. Let's start talking about real threats--like Iran and when we're going to bomb the hell out of them--or China and their espionage.

Always On Watch Two said...

I admit that I don't particularly keep up with cases such as Libby's. For one thing, attorneys give me the willies; I watch them manipulate our justice system to further their careers and/or to line their pockets. Second, polictician's lying isn't news in my book.

Having said the above, it looks to me as if Libby is a scapegoat--and another topic for a frenzy feeding on the part of the media.

Always On Watch Two said...

For the record, I've never said nor implied that Republicans can't lie.

I'm registered as an Independent. In my 30+ years of casting my ballot, I've voted for candidates from different political parties. I've even done a few write-ins for minor local offices.

kuhnkat said...

One excllent example of the veracity of the Joseph Wilson is that he claimed to have seen the FORGED documents that the Italians obtained. He claimed they proved his case against Bush.

Unfortunately for him and the PRESS, the date he claims for having seen the documents was BEFORE the Italians HAD THEM!!!!


ducktard, still pissin your diapers in fear of Cheney COMING FOR YOU??



what countries have the intelligence community accused of working on NUKES that HAVE NOT been working on them??


You pathetic MORON!!!!!

Always On Watch Two said...

"State of Emergency in Santiago de Cuba"

Always On Watch Two said...

Oops! I meant to post the above comment to a different thread. I've "moved" it.

Sorry 'bout that.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Why is the Bush Administration being criticized by the UN for putting captured documentation of Iraq's nuclear weapons program on the Internet? Something about letting this info "fall into the wrong hands?"

What kind of goofy reasoning goes into that criticism? The world was safer when Iraq was keeping its nuclear research a secret? These documents became lethal knowledge once they crossed the Iraqi border?

Madness. Sheer lunatic madness. The kind of "look at me I'm an idiot" mating call of leftists that finds them starving beside a loaf of bread and sliced roast beef because they're no sandwiches to be found.

Straight heads up their asses syndrome. How do leftists sit down without choking to death?