Friday, March 09, 2007

Just who are the Barbarians ???

One of my favorite lines of wisdom comes from the words of a Comic book hero Conan the Barbarian. In a few situation the alleged civilized people perform acts of brutality. The stoic response of Conan " And they call me a barbarian".

The Yezidi people are a much persecuted people who live a dangerous life under Islam. In their version of creation they were created by a union of the peacock god and Adam. Allegedy the Peacock God is Satan according to the adjacent people. In the Yezidi version Satan is forgiven by God and restored to heaven. The Yezidis also venerate black snakes for pluging a hole in Noah's ark.

One of the under reported aspects of recent history is the Armenian/Assyrian and Greek genocide in the WW1 era. The Ottomans were a far left group that first desired to create a transnational union across religious lines. The Christians wanted freedom from Islamo oppression. The Ottomans ethnically cleansed their country with a massacre of Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. The women and children were marched across the desert where Arabs and Kurdish henchmen raped and murdered the Christians.

Along the was some Armenians were rescued by the Yezidi who are derided as Satan Worshipers. It would seem that massacring unarmed starving people is objectionable to the Yezidi but not to Muslims or their Leftist Ottoman overlords.

I want to thank Kuhnkat for proving written confirmation of the legends of Yezidi rescue of Christians. To their credit the Armenian government has granted refuge to Yezidi facing persecution.

The topic of Kurds is far more complex than one thinks at first glance. They have a history of oppressing Christians. Moreover some of the Kurds practice offshoots that are only marginally Islamic like the Alevi. Apparantly there is an Arab variant of this Kurdish religion and its adherents run the Syrian Government. One of the real reasons the Assad regime is so brutal is that this Alawite clique is 11% of the population but has a stranglehold on power. The Isreal bogey man diverts attention from this serious problem. Also the garb of the Syrian Baath party as a leftist force also diverts attention from their odious human rights records.

Many Muslims rail about depredations of Mongols, Crusaders, Zionists ( mostly fictitious and multiplied by ten) and ignore 1400 years of brutality towards other people. The fact that Islam has brutalized people in its path is just inconvenient.
We are supposed to pretent that Islam was spread through trade. Massacres of Hindus, Zoroastrians, Christians, Budhists, Pagans, Jews, Yezidi and others were just isolated events. The version of Disneyfied Islamic history is false and misleading.

Conan's quip becomes poignant when a group derided as Devil worshipers intervene to prevent genocide. Apparently there are acts of brutality that even pagans can't stomach.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to North Korea and John Brown to be relabotomized in Cuba.


Always On Watch Two said...

One of the under reported aspects of recent history is the Armenian/Assyrian and Greek genocide in the WW1 era.

Barely covered in history texts now. But The Sword of the Prophet contains the info.

A few years ago, John Evans (?), one of our ambassadors, got into a mound of trouble for speaking of the Armenian genocide. Discussion thereof offended Turkey.

Assyria said...

The Assyrians call the Ottoman-Kurdish assisted Genocide as the year of the Sword (Seypa in Assyrian)and the consequences of that and other Genocides are still being felt by the Assyrians in particular because they are the indigenous people of the land called today Iraq yet they are the only ones for whom the international community is turning a blind eye,allowing further aggressions and oppression to be committed against them while they are not even allowed to have a part of their lands back to call their own.

The international community must take its responsibility and help those Assyrians who are still living in their ancestral lands to live with dignity,peace and equality with the other components of the Iraqi society so that also the Diaspora Assyrians can refer to their ancestral lands just like any other peoples on the face of this earth and not to be left out as outsiders when they are the real owners of the land,however,even though many Assyrians are working for that but the international community keeps on ignoring the plight of the Assyrians in favor of certain interests which are aiming at obliterating the Assyrian existence.

Where is justice I ask???

beakerkin said...


I had assumed that the Christians recued by Yezidi were Assyrians. However, this is not the case and the legends pertain to Armenians.

This is one of the few blogs that discusses Assyrians. Fewer people are aware of the Assyrian part of the of the Armenian genocide.

The far left ignore genuine indigenous people like the Assyrian Christians who have their own language, thousand year plus historical identity and a unique religion. The left obsesses about Arabs who have 22 states and an abundance of stolen land allready.

The far left doesn't study history it rewrites daily to whatever the plot is.

Anonymous said...

In other words... best start writing your own scripts, Asyria!

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

There is something just amazing about far left types. They want to stop the entire world for fake indigenous people. They obsess about Psuedostinians and rail about every absurd fake history. Yet what does Ducky say to the Assyrians who case for nation status is far clearer than the Pseudostinians. The Duck says nothing about the Assyrians and pretend they do not exist.

Assyrians have a language, clear historical identity dating back thousands of years and a unique religion but the Duck and other commie crackpots have nothing to say. The real story with the Pseudostinians is that it gives the far left dope addicts a chance to vent their blatant anti-semitism.

The Merry Widow said...

Heck the Bible speaks of them as a nation long before they invade the Northern Kingdom and move Jews around! And that was what? 3,000+ years ago?
I'd say that the Assyrians have money on the table and should play the game!
Besides, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ! They are family!


beakerkin said...


We have had plenty of Pseudostinian obsessed leftists on this blog. Not one has ever explained in a coherent manner why the need for a Pseudostinian state is greater than the need for Assyria. On every measurable argument the Assyrians have a greater case.

Anonymous said...

It's like the Scooter Libby case and Abu Ghraib. The Hollyweird Left's script writers are all imitators of Alexander Pope's "Rape of the Lock". Nobody else can conflate injustice like they can.

I only wish I had half the literary skills of the members of the Scriblerus Club and other contributors to the Grub Street Journal.

kuhnkat said...

Ducktard and the rest of the LEFTARDS love to talk about invisible men in the sky and the great float up.

Then they rant about mythological happenings and peoples they have made up!!!! They absolutely IGNORE actual atrocities and genocides!!


Being a LEFTARD means never having to say "I AM CONSCIOUS!!"