Monday, March 26, 2007

Minimal Standards

One of our problems in our elite Universities fostered by Commies of the Marcuse school of idiocy is that all cultures are equal. The dangerous part of this in that if all cultures are equal that any practice within that culture is a variant. Recently a foreign court ruled that a man can beat his wife based upon the Koran. We can also extend this idiocy to famale infanticide for Indians as it is a cultural practice.

The problem with the Commie left is that it is hyper critical of American imperfections but glosses over major maladies of third world cultures. If people wish to reside in the United States we have a series of Civil Laws and rules. You are allowed one wife, you may not beat her or anyone else, you may not commit infanticide, you may not beat gays, you do not have a right to rape a woman based on her clothing nor do you have the right to decide what I can say or draw. If you can not live under these minimal standards there are plenty of places for you to live but not in my country.

Communists who think that sharia is no big deal should be forced to live under an American version for a few days. Communists should be prohibited from owning weapons. They should be forced to wear all red so it is easier for the rest of us to beat them. Testimony of Commies would be half of that of non-Communists. No repairs
of communist schools like Elizabeth Irwin. Commies may only drive a bicycle and must get out of the way of normal people. Commies must pay a breathing tax for the right to consume our Oxygen of 60% of their income after being beaten by the tax collector.
Commies must open their homes to nonCommie travelers for two days. Commies may not use American names and may only name their kids Mao, Ho, Vladimir.

If the above seems facist and repugnant congrats. These are conditions imposed by Muslims on infidels by Sharia. As an American I have zero problem with stating Jim Crow laws were barbaric. However, commie dupes can not summon the onions to say a peep about Islamo Jim Crow.

Some of you were offended by my mocking the concept of a Theocracy in Israel. The reality is the vast majority of Jews in Israel are secular like me. They do not need or want Kahanist clowns imposing a theocracy on them. One of the reasons Muslim countries have few rights is religious police harass secular people. MZ jokes about Kahanist goons worried about miscegnation, self abuse and enforcing Kosher laws is exactly the idiocy advocated by Kahanists. This idiocy is representitive of less than two percent of the population and is by no means reflective of mainstream Orthox Jews like my brother. The notion of Jackbooted Kahanists snatching my KFC or interuping people engaged in miscegnation is abhorent to members of my own family. Judaism has always recognized the concept of free will and that some people do not live up to the law. Kahanist style theocracy makes a mockery of our traditions.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I just gotta wonder how much of this is a real crusade against Kahane-ism and how much of it is just the eternal spat with MZ.

If MZ wasn't a Kahane-ist, but had a wart on his nose, would you be trashing everyone with warts on their noses?

Kahanists don't seem like unreasonable people. Their stance seems rather moderate to me, but kicking Muslims out of Israel would seem moderate to someone like me who wants to kick them off the entire planet.

As far as living in an imposed theocracy I don't see how that is even possible except for the people who want to.

People vote with their feet, provided they're not imprisoned within their own country's borders.

beakerkin said...


I have been against Kahane and his followers for around two decades.I have always have been against theocracy of any kind. One can see numerous posts where I state respect for religion but advocate civil law.

My relationship with MZ is somewhat complicated. As a member of roughly the same group of friends I frequently defended him when people called him a Nazi. I even had my privacy violated as a direct consequence of my defense of MZ. My frequent defense of MZ led many to think I endorsed his goofy agenda.

However, if you look at my actual comments on his site they were mostly against his positions. The only thing we ever agreed upon was a strong Israel. Many people have assumed that my positions and his were similar and nothing could be further from the truth.

I am in the process of differentiating my positions from
his. Theocracy is a bad idea in general. How does one support such a concept with religious police like in a typical Muslim country?
Are religious goons going to break in and pull a Rodney King style beating on Onanists, miscegnators and people engaged in premarital relations. A place like that exists and I do not want to live in Iran under the current regime.

Mr. Ducky said...

My goodness, more shoddy reporting from, Beak. The German judge refused to grant the women a "fast track" divorce but divorce proceedings to proceed and the couple was seperated.

You really should try to make some acquantance with the truth, Beak.

I love it when little second amendment pussy boys like Beamish talk butch. What a maroon.

I'm not convinced that MZ couldn't negotiate with Palestinians. My sense of it is that he was so disgusted withArafat that he gave up. Not an unreasonable position.

beakerkin said...


Where did the lunatic mind frame come from with this Judicial farce Randoids.

I am glad you have a delusional view of MZ that would mortify him.
MZ still endorces expulsion and making half Jews with Jewish fathers convert to remain.

I am sure he would be glad to hear your theories.

Always On Watch Two said...

Excellent post, especially this part:

One of our problems in our elite Universities fostered by Commies of the Marcuse school of idiocy is that all cultures are equal. The dangerous part of this in that if all cultures are equal that any practice within that culture is a variant.

About that court case....The judge's citing of the Koran as a guideline in a Western courtroom is an atrocity. If I recall the case correctly, the custody of children is at stake.

Or maybe I've got the above case mixed up with this one:

This is the case of Rosine Ghawji, a woman who unknowingly married and had two children with a man who, through his family and acquaintances, was involved in international terrorism.

Originally from Syria, Maher Ghawji, Rosine's husband, is an admitted Wahhabist and member of the violent Muslim Brotherhood. Maher's brother, Haitham Ghawji, is linked to Al-Qaida and has trained for jihad in Afghanistan and has fought in Bosnia.

Maher Ghawji's hatred towards Jews borders on obsession. He has told his sons that he wants to "get rid" of all Jews and that he wishes for at least one of his sons to become a suicide bomber.

Maher Ghawji is currently romantically involved with Areej Zufari, the Spokesperson for the Islamic Society of Central Florida (ISCF), an umbrella organization for seven mosques in the Orlando, Florida area with various ties to radical Islam.

According to Maher Ghawji's sons, he (Maher), on a number of occasions, has told them (his sons) that he would be happy to blow them up for the sake of Allah; Maher Ghawji has, as well, tried to obtain their passports, in an attempt to take the boys to Syria against their will. Maher Ghawji has also threatened to murder his wife, Rosine, who is Catholic.

Now, Maher Ghawji wants custody of his children. Rosine Ghawji wants desperately for that not to happen.

In Memphis, Tennessee!

More information HERE.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, two of my nieces have arabic names. Should they change them to something like "Red Rosa".

kuhnkat said...


you like to point out the excesses of the Kahanists.

Would you also like to point out the excesses of the LEFTARD IDIOTS who are CURRENTLY IN CHARGE OF ISRAEL????

Now, compare the results of each sides beliefs??


beakerkin said...

Both the far left and Kahane nuts start from flawed assumtions. Ultimately Kahanists are well intentioned idiots. The far left is more dangerous as it is more numerous and will commit treason in seconds.

Kahanists are small and have no following in Universities. When Israel falls it will be because treasonus leftist made common cause with its enemies.