Saturday, March 24, 2007

Limitations of Police Work

I have read the confession of Khalid Sheik Mohammad with some deep thoughts. I have read the Laurie Mylroie book that points to Iraq in the WTC 93 blast. I have also heard lengthy discussions on the Batchelor and Alexander show on the topic.

The problem starts with the choice by the Clinton administration to treat the 93 blast as an isolated act by criminals. The notion that the 93 plotters were part of something larger was never explored.

The chief planner of the 93 blast was Ramzi Youseff. Youseff just happens to be Khalid Sheik Mohammad's nephew. They are part of an ethnic minority that has extensive contacts with Iraqi intelligence and make up a large portion of Al Queda.

In fairness Mylroie lays the origins of the 93 blast to the Kahane assasination. Many of the key players in the 93 blast turn up in the Kahane case. The Kahane case was also viewed as the act of a unhinged lunatic.

This seems to be a stock answer from law enforcement. LA Ticket counter, DC Sniper, Jewish agency in Seattle and Ari Halberstam all seem to have come from this unhinged lunatic brigade. However, the notion that it may be part of something larger needs to be considered.

Government by nature moves at a snails pace. These preconcieved biases may have been entrenched in law enforcement long before 9-11. It is abundantly clear that the Clintonian legalistic approach may have ignored larger problems.

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Anonymous said...

Iraq started this Sunni jihad against America with the '93 WTC bombing (& Sandy Burgler shoved the evidence down his pants) Now KSM's confession exposes all the Iraq links to the War on Terror. The Leftistas who argued against the Iraqi War have got sh*t all over their faces.