Saturday, March 03, 2007

Earl fails feral 1001

I let Earl the cat outside while I drove in the country side. It was 40 degrees and I went in a circle to the base of the Smugglers notch area. The ride was a reminder that those who live in the back country really need four wheel drive. Even with bright sunny skies you had better be sharp as chunks of ice literaly fall from the rock piles as you drive past. Only horses were out grazing and the smell of cattle does not carry in cold air.

I returned and Earl the Cat had enought of the out doors. I didn't have to look for him and was quite disappointed. We went back into the appartment and it started to snow. There is one more brutal cold spell on Tuesday expected to be -8.

On a more serious note it appears Barak Obama's father was a polygamist. I am somewhat curious if Obama's father attempted to gai immigration benefits via his polygamous marriage to Barak Obama's mother. One can hear the entire story at While the media focus is on Romney's grandfather it ignores Obama's father. If Obama's father did attempt to fraudulently recieve benefits of his polygamus union this incedent deserves comment and questioning.

Polygammy is technicaly legal in the People's Republic of MA. One may marry a new wife before the divorce proceedings are settled.


Farmer John said...

I thought Moslem's were allowed to have four wives. What, do you expect a Senator's father to have to comply with infidel laws? Where's your cultural sensitivity?

As for Earl...just wait until Spring. X<;3)~~

beakerkin said...


Muslims are allowed four wives. However, they may not seek entry as a spouse of a US citizen if they are married to somebody else. The question is did Barak Obama's father try to enter the United States via immigration fraud.

Earl seems to ejoy soft living and hot food. Why kill a rat when you can get roast chicken with a few stares. He will be gone in two weeks, but he always comes looking for food nightly when I arrive home.

Always On Watch Two said...

Check out this story about how to text message a divorce declaration.

Earl has moved in, hasn't he? As long as he behaves well, it should be a good arrangement. And in the spring, his hormones will take over; he'll take to roaming. I hope that he stays safe!

Yankee Doodle said...

Say "Hi" to Earl, and tell him to vote against Obama.


Farmer John said...

...and if you have any problems with Earl, just call...

(I think I'm ready to go dominate a few trolls now)

Urban_Infidel said...

I think Earl the cat is more interesting than Obama.