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I want to point out I am pro-choice. However, the over the top abortian must be provided at all times for any reason and the fate of the free world depends on it is absurd. Moreover, the notion that doctors should be allowed to practice with no guidelines is also a non starter.

Welcome to India NARAL must love this place. Female babies are aborted after birth creating lopsided sex ratios. There is a law that outlaws abortion based upon gender selection. The law is obviously not enforced creating lopsided sex ratios. China has a similar problem and many of these excess infants end up exported. I have zero problem with export as the vast preponderance of those adoptions are to childless couples. My problem is with the flurry of relative adoptions designed to get around immigration law, mostly nieces and nephews.

The fact that a procedure has been outlawed means nothing unless there is enforcement. The sex ratios speak for themselves that abortion for sex selection is still being done. Part of the reason this practice exists is that the cultural patterns of India mandate that soms are solely responsable for taking care of their parents in their retirement years. The other part is that doweries are still the norm
in India and a major financial burden.

My personal view is that abortion is a repugnant procedure. It should never be done outside the first trimester unless documented medical evidence states a reason otherwise. The notion that the fate of the entire free world depends on 24/7 abortion is ridiculous. The notion that any profession is above the law is also absurd. There is zero rationale that doctors are more moral than car mechanics or carpenters.

The imact of Indian and Chinese sex ratios being out of balance is unknown. However, I can envision a future where mail order husbands are imported. These husbands would have few of the problem with American divorce laws because they posses nothing.

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Always On Watch Two said...

Abortion as a tool for gender selection smacks of eugenics.

Farmer John said...

This is what happens when people start thinking they "know better" than mother nature. Just wait until the "designer babies" get "ordered"... the world will get filled with "primadonna's" who'll refuse to dirty their hands.

Rousseau, "Emile"

Everything is good as it leaves the hands of the author of things, everything degenerates in the hands of man. He forces one soil to nourish the products of another, one tree to bear the fruits of another. He mixes and confuses the climates, the elements, the seasons. He mutilates his dog, his horse, his slave. He turns everything upside down, he disfigures everything, he loves deformities, monsters. He wants nothing as nature made it, not even man himself. For him man must be trained like a saddle- horse; he must be shaped according to the fashion, like trees in his garden.

Without this everything would be even worse; our species was not made to remain only half-finished. Under existing conditions a man left to himself from birth would be the most disfigured of all. Prejudice, authority, necessity, example -- all the social conditions in which we find ourselves submerged -- would stifle nature in him and put nothing in its place. Human nature would be like a seedling that chance had sown in the midst of the highway, bent this way and that and soon crushed by the passers-by.

It is you whom I address, tender, foresighted mother -- you who know how to stay away from the busy highway and protect the growing seedling from the impact of human opinion! Cultivate and water the young plant before it dies; its fruit will one day be your delight. Early on, form an enclosure around your child's soul. Someone else can mark its circumference, but you alone must build the fence.

Today's "progressives" live in the highway... and want to throw their future children into before they're even physically conceived.

Mr. Ducky said...

Odd that you don't hear much about abortion in muslim nations.

Now, since India has the second largest muslim population in the world it would be interesting to know if abortion thee is a primarily Hindu phenomena or not.

beakerkin said...

Women are treated just as bad under Islam if not worse. I do not hear about Hindu honor killings especially in the West. Nor do I about Indian rape victims being killed for adultery.

Farmer John said...

In the USA, abortions by religion break down as follows:

The abortion index by religion during 1994-1995 was found to be: - Protestants: 0.69
- Followers of a non-Judeo-Christian religion: 0.78
- Catholics: 1.01%
- Jews: 1.08
- Persons who do not follow an organized religion: 4.02

An index value of 1.0 represents the national average. e.g. Catholics were 1% more likely to obtain an abortion than average. Data was prepared by Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Storrs, CT, in 1995 from five Gallup polls.

As to what abortive "sex-selection" means to India...

DE SAM LAZARO: Years of campaigns and laws have failed to eradicate India's dowry tradition, which cuts across all religions. The result is a history of female infanticide, and in recent years, abortion. Dr. Sharada Jain, a Delhi gynecologist, says about five million pregnancies were terminated last year, after parents found out they were expecting a female child.

American Crusader said...

I think we have fairly similar views about abortion.
The one thing that I cannot condone is third trimester abortions or partial birth abortions. In my eyes, these are the equivalent of murder with only 1 exception:
1. The life of the mother is endangered.

Cases of rape and incest should be handled as early in the first trimester as possible.

What I also find extremely objectionable is when abortion is used as a means of birth control. The mother should be sterilized after her second abortion except with the above conditions.

American Crusader said...

I wouldn't say "abortion as a tool for gender selection smacks of eugenics".
I would say that it IS eugenics.

Robert Bayn said...

I'm Pro-Choice as well.

You can choose to act with decency and Morals, or you can act like a sexual deviant, the choice is yours.


beakerkin said...

Any roumers about me performing lewd and lascivious acts with parakeets are the work of Commie finks.

Farmer John said...

There are things that can be done w/parakeets? My imagination fails me. never mind, I don't want to know.

The Merry Widow said...

FJ-He makes barbeque sandwiches out of them!
The alledged lewd and lacivious behavior was for spitting the feathers out at Beverly Sills! Or was it Barbara?


Always On Watch Two said...

That's what I meant. I guess that I was being too tactful--why, I don't know. Early morning and not enough coffee?

Farmer John said...

I guess not everybodies an opera fan.

kuhnkat said...


it isn't odd at all that you don't hear much about abortion from Muslim countries. In fact, without the few people you are continually bad mouthing, we would know next to NOTHING about what goes on in Muslim run countries, except the LIES they tell!!


You MORON!!!!

Urban_Infidel said...

I am also pro-choice but this is gendercide.

The countries that practice this are paying the consequences with severe disparity in the number of females in the population.

beakerkin said...

Who knows what the impact of this insanity will be?

kuhnkat said...


it would appear that there are a LOT of Muzzy Jurists who believe that before 40 days of a pregnancy the embryo is not human and it isn't MURDER to have an abortion!!!

I also ran across Muzzies talking about 120 days as OK also.

A number of articles talk about abortions in Tunisia, Bangladesh, Iran, and other Muzzie countries. Apparently Mohammed didn't let ANYTHING inconvenience him!!


kuhnkat said...

Here is an interesting article on sex selection:


kuhnkat said...

One of the interesting results is NOT an increase in the value of women in the societies that practice sex selection. Both India and China have a WORSE environment for womens rights and treatment then BEFORE the long term decrease through selection!!!!

On the flip side, I don't see where the WEST has exactly increased their valuaton of the female population either!!! To me it would appear that the popular culture has degraded the womens contribution to simply a sex partner, and an interchangeable one that can be replaced by a male at that (soom to be replaced with sheep, dogs and DUCKS!!!). Exactly the opposite of the INTENT of Womens Rights Activists!!!


The_Editrix said...

"Welcome to India NARAL must love this place. Female babies are aborted after birth creating lopsided sex ratios."

I am pro-life with some strictly controlled exceptions (or maybe that is "selectively pro-choice"?) and I am an anti-feminist. However, I CAN'T WAIT until the fucking Indians run out of women to bear them their precious boys!

On a different note, Beak, can't you limit the usage of "HAs" to three per comment? It would make the comment section of your blog look less like a loony bin.

The_Editrix said...

"Odd that you don't hear much about abortion in muslim nations."

That is because they prefer to kill people after they have been born.