Saturday, March 24, 2007

For those of you upset about the MZ situation

Many of you were upset when I severed ties with MZ. The words that upset many of yu were "MZ is not and has never been a friend of mine in any description". He expects you to stick up for him but when trouble is at your doorstep he is MIA. In fact one could look far and wide and never see MZ stick up for anyone, except the person who frequently calls him Hitler when he is off his meds.

Gert often cries about personal attacks. This does not stop him from launching into a blistering personal attack on Florian. Gert is well aware that I post there. He also quotes my exact policy of severing links with sites that host Greg or Gert. He then tells me to cut ties with Florian. Florian never invited Gert and has since banned Gert.

The question of who is obsessed with whom is obvious. Moreover, Gert has a desperate need for my attention and came looking for me. He has had zero interaction with Florian and launches the exact type of personal attack he wails about.

MZ shows up and did not lift a finger to help Florian. Moreover, he did this despite my pointing it out. He spends his time on a fake pious act trying to retend he is above it all. He leaves out exactly what Greg did and the fact Greg has never expressed any remorse.

Now Gert is wailing to MZ that I stated he should take the talmud and stick it in his
ass. As the Talmud is 40 vollumes this would be a feat of monumental proportions. Moreover, the Talmud does not have the same religious implications as the Torah. I respect the many genuine religious posters we have on this site. They do not ever scold anyone about forgiveness. Moreover the people I respect do not lecture others after listing the site in question as a sin site for months. Moreover Greg has a history of these stunts and then he begs for forgiveness. Greg has never asked for forgiveness and this is a case of been there done that and he has gone way too far this time.

MZ behaved in exactly the manner I described. Florian is attacked and he doesn't aid his friend at all. He is more interested in a fake piety act that doesn't match his behavior. Ask yourselves when has MZ ever stood up for anyone other than the person who called him Hitler?


In an act of desperation MZ who has been here almost an hour and has scrolled through
a dozen pages has decided to ban me from his blog because I am "bigot" who disrespects religious people. How or one needs to ban someone who has severed links with you after the fact is comedic. Moreover, it is apparent to all those who read a blog that I respect genuine religious people. Moreover, this blog is named after an actual Orthodox Rabbi. I also have spent enough time in the Orthodox Jewish community to know a fake. MZ spends plenty of time lecturing other people about their behaviors. However, he never quite practices what he preaches.

The reality is I respect genuine religious people always have always will. MZ's over the top sermons are not sincere and he is a naive fool played like a fiddle by Greg.
Greg should have appologized long ago for behavior way beyond the pale.

Now MZ has decided to ban Gert until he apologizes for his unprovoked attack on Florian. MZ was there the whole time and lifts a finger only after I point out yet another example of him doing nothing while a friend is attacked. This behavior is exactly the reason I severed links with MZ.

Thanks for the ban MZ I enjoyed a good laugh.

Update Two

MZ friend KY has now declared me a traitor to the Jewish people. This is quite amusing and is quite funny. I respect genuine religous people always have always will. Most of my family is modern Orthodox but unlike MZ and KL they walk the walk and talk the talk. They never lecture others about their behavior ever. Many of you who do not have regular contact with the Orthodox community think the views of MZ and KY are reflective of the Jewish community. The views of MZ and KY are a fringe lunatic view of a deranged group. My younger brother is a genuine Orthodox Rabbi and has no desire to impose a theocracy on anyone.

Yes now acording to KY I join the pantheon of traitor to the Jewish people with Julius Rosenberg, Michael Lerner, Mordechai Vanunu and Greg when he is off his meds.
Who needs comedy central with this crew? Has the thought dawned on these dolts my problem is with two religious hypocrites.

Update Number Three

Now according to MZ I am a self loathing Joooo. This gets funnier by the moment. Has it dawned on the Kahanist version of Beavis and Butthead that my problem is with hypocrites. According to MZ I rejected Judaism and am an apostate. Oh my are the going to send the religious goon squad after me.

Kahanist car 54 there is a Jooo miscegnating at 311 Maple. Wait there is a 12 year old taking matters into his own hands at 42 Elm. There will be no Onanism in our Torah state of the mind. Kahanist car 54 there is a clod eating KFC and another who hasn't put on tefilin in a decade at 11 Dawn Lane.

Maybe MZ hasn't deduced that this is a personal matter.What a dope.

Update Four

MZ has spent two hours and gone through 21 pages. It is obvious who is obsessed with


Always On Watch Two said...

I was hoping this "blog war" crap was over. But now I know what happened over at Flo's.

Don't let this latest ruin blogging for you, Beak!

kuhnkat said...

Oh well, I guess MR Brown Stain, Gertrude, Ducktard and others get the last laugh!!


kuhnkat said...

Oh well, I guess MR Brown Stain, Gertrude, Ducktard and others get the last laugh!!


beakerkin said...


As far as I am concerned it was over a long time ago. I severed ties with MZ after a sermon.

MZ could have resolved this along time ago by quiting the arrogant holier than thou bit. He should have addressed me like a human.

Oddly he sets a poor example for someone who lectures others about forgiveness. It isn't as if I invaded his privacy and attempted blackmail. I merely told him to place a 40 vollume set of religious law books in his backside. This is another example of do as I say not as I do.


MZ and I were never friends and the only winner is Greg. Greg is a vile person who likes to manipulate people. Ask Warren about a series of Emails sent by Greg to Warren denouncing MZ and me. I can not help a person who is so easily duped by empty words of becoming more religious.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I merely told him to place a 40 vollume set of religious law books in his backside.

Merely or merrily?

beakerkin said...

Mr B

I do not think one would be merry at that feat. One would have to have unusual talents to attempt that feat.

The Merry Widow said...

I've favored relationship over religion any day.
You were over the top there, but I have choosen to forget it.
gertRUDE should be unwelcome anywhere he goes, he delights in causing trouble, he stirs the pot and then runs off and tattles. How infantile is that? I think he needed more(or any)spankings as a child, that usually tends to get someone to think before they play the idiot!
Proverbs has a lot to say about avoiding such people, I think it's good advice!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Russet Shadows said...

I think that on the Net, we all come across harsher than we are in real life. At least I know that I do -- and I'm supersensitive! :o That isn't to excuse anything that has been said or done, because I haven't seen the whole thing, but just to contribute some insight, hopefully.

I'm also not comfortable with Israel being a theocracy. English history (and Islamic modernity) warns me well against that!

beakerkin said...


MZ's holier than thou lectures are
over the top. I told him to stick a 40 vollume set of Jewish lawbooks in his backside. MZ hasn't figured out that his sermons
and arrogance are over the top.

I do not need MZ and his clowns to lecture me about Judaism. Anytime I need to know how Jews behave I need look no further than the Beaker whom this blog is named after. Unlike MZ he is an actual Rabbi and never ever behaves like a fool. He also knows it is for God to judge people, not the low IQ
squad of Kahanist fools. Maybe these fools need to look in the mirror before they start lecturing

MZ and KY are easily duped fools.

Anonymous said...
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The Merry Widow said...

I think there was a testosterone spill on aisle 8. That being said, I can see both sides(my counselling talent?)and there are grievences and blows exchanged by both.
Now if we could just turn you loose on each other with padded pugel sticks sand helmets, you both would feel a lot better. This festering is unhealthy!
Men, y'a gotta love 'em!


beakerkin said...


MZ is not and has never been a friend of mine. His political views are much different then mine and that is okay.

He needs to quit telling people how to be Jews. He needs to talk to people like human beings. He is not Gods messenger on Earth.

Now his band of flunkies want to call me a traitor to the Jewish people. Who died and left MZ in charge of who is a good Jew?


MZ is on my blog for hours and hours. It is clear who is obsessed
with whom.


MZ could have resolved this long ago with an email. Moreover, his claim that I mock Judaism is really
silly. It is abundantly clear that I mock MZ's holier than thou sermons and arrogance not the religion.

However, I am hoping that MZ will take the next step and brand me an apostate. Invoking God on personal matters is a joke.

Moreover, banning someone who hasn't posted in months and asked you to sever links is funny. Maybe he will unban Ducky next or John Brown.

Gert said...

"gertRUDE should be unwelcome anywhere he goes, he delights in causing trouble, he stirs the pot and then runs off and tattles."

Wrong again: this time I haven't finished with you yet. Watch my space...

Anonymous said...
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beakerkin said...


That is indeed a threat and he placed it on MZ's site as well.

Gerts retaliation will not have quite the consequence he thinks.
M email account has been deletted
and My Space has been contacted.

My name is shared by around thirty people including several prominent lawyers. It would seem there are linits to what can be done.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...

Gerts whole scheme is based on a deck of cards. My name is shared by thirty other people. The email address he had is closed.

The worst he can do is draw some traffic and be a nuisance. He was stupid enough to leave threats where everyone can see them.

He also does not know what cards I allready hold. My retaliation may be legal or perhaps some form of hooliganism.

If I were Greg I would be concerned that a genuine possibilty
of some payback pointed at him. If Gert values his friendship with Greg he will just go away.

Greg is his only friend and he might want to consider the consequences.