Friday, March 09, 2007

Hat tip to Florian

On one of the comments by Florian he described a religious order that venerates John
the Baptist and Noah. I mistook this for a garbled account of ther Yezidi as scholars are all over the place with descriptions. However, Florians descriptions match another smaller persecuted group called the Mandeans. They are more commonly known by their Islamic name Sabians. While they venerate John the Baptist they are not Christians.

This is yet another group I will have to devote some time and research on.

Like all other non Muslim groups they are highly persecuted and many have fled to Jordan and Syria.


kuhnkat said...

Interesting how the LEFTARDS, who preach diversity and inclusiveness, always seem to rally around those who manage to be the most Monolithic, homogeneous, genocidal, and tyrannical!!!!


beakerkin said...

The Duck misses the point on many things. His Marxist Jooooo fixation leads him to a less than honest look at things. The notion that Islam itself is a colonial pathology has never occured to him.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The Sabeans are "People of the Book" under Muslim theology, even though their religion is centered upon lunar astrology.

Muhammad was himself criticized as a "Sabean" when he tried to sell the Meccans on the whole "The moon is God" thing without an army behind him.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

beakerkin said...

I am begining to wonder if the Alawities of Syria are connected to the Sabeans. Both groups have unusual beliefs in astronomy. However, the Alewites may win the title for most misogynistic people on the planet. The Alawites believe women have no soul.

The Alawites appear to be a fusion of Sabeans, Yezidi and Islam.

It is just amazing that Muslims are unable to leave people alone.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

We have sadly read many tales of Muslimsw gang raping people. Oddly Gang Rape only makes the major headines in Bosnia when Muslim women are victimized.

However the BBC article does have a new first. This is the first forced circumcision I have ever heard about. Just when one thinks the forces of jihad have run out of new ideas they come up with this. I hope this tactic does not spread.

Jihadis please leave circumcision to people trained in this area.

FLORIAN said...

YES THAT'S IT! The Mandeans! I forgot their name. Thanks for remembering that Beak. I believe that they claim they are true descendants of Adam and Eve (since by tradition the Garden of Eden was located in Babylonia) and they believe Adam and Eve to be semi-deities. Noah and John the Baptist are also included too.
Thanks Beak.

kuhnkat said...

Meccan - Wiccan

wonder if there is some deep mystical connection!!

Maybe Duckfart has been CONFUSED!!!