Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Big Ball Game

The nature of the work I handle will be changing. Management has shifted me to industrial work. Most of us enjoy the family type work, but this is about dollars and cents and time. The vocational cases are time sensative and bring in five times as much money. Thus dollar wise if I process one vocational case it is around the came as handling five family based cases. Anyone who has handled this type of case in the past has been moved to the Big Ball Game.

The reality is that I will now be putting far more time in at the office and have less time available to do other things. There is talk of mandatory overtime and any leave has to be scheduled and approved. This also means I may not even be able to get home for the next few months. This will also leave less time for blogging as well. There will be days without fresh posts, but this is the peak season.

Being on vocational work does detach on from the larger world. When one works family cases one sees many things. One sees Chistians fleeing the Middle East and the huge increase in cases fleeing Hugo's blunderland. My prior vocational work led me to look at the high quality of education in India and China. The amusing part is that graduates from those countries are allowed more time in their major without political
classes. On does see foreign students with American degrees from every major University in the Country. If you see a joke class on a transcript it is always from an American University. One does not see students with 20 credits in volleyball, Eskimo folklore, the aesthetics of the sublime, midevil costume or rational thought on a foreign transcript.

The truth is that our Universities are broken and are living on past glory. I have looked at Iranian degrees and students take a maximum of three political classes in Islam. I see one or two political classes in Chinese transcripts and none on Indian
transcripts. The Marxist radicals have created a system with worthless degrees that
force American Students to become triple majors in order to compette. The Indian equivalent of a BBA is the Commerce degree. Their students are undurdened with the 64 credit liberal arts racket. There are the language and math requirements but everything else is vocational related.

The American University system has become a jobs program for unemployable Marxists.
Mumble a few words about Marx toss a few bombs and you can get a job on the faculty of an American University. Wear a pony tail and sunglasses produce no scholarship and falsely claim you are a Native American and you can be a chairman, did I mention the man is a Marxist. Teach absurd theories about melanin and rant about Jooos and gays while dressed like a clown and you have a job waiting for you in higher ed. Then there is the endless offspring of well known Communist activist who just happen to show up in higher ed.

The joke is guess who foots the bill for all these Communist clowns, you do. Educational costs have escalated as Communist dolts pretend their research is every bit as important as the folks in the Sciences. Six figure salaries for work weeks that sometimes are in the teens are quite common. American students leave these colleges with huge debts and are handed worthless degrees. American employer know the difference and actively recruit foreign grads.

The joke is on us.

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