Monday, June 30, 2014

The Obama Administration is the greatest disaster

There are those who compare Nixon to Obama. Nixon was neither stupid nor incompetent. Watergate was trivial compared to the Obama scandals. The difference is the media anointed Obama on an entirely false narrative. Part of the blame falls squarely on Democrats who have been silent. Allegedly Bill Clintoon has described Obama as incompetent in private but in public he remains silent.

The leftwing talking points on the IRS scandal have shifted. First it is out of control low level agents in Cincinnati. Then its talk of "phony scandals". Then Lois Lerner who is allegedly an attorney states I have done nothing wrong but invokes the Fifth Amendment. This is not how this amendment is wrong. Furthermore, government employees are protected from actions when they act within their job. Example an FBI agent reads a report incorrectly and lets a criminal go or misinterprets a law. These are honest mistakes that occur while performing a job. This is far different than the actions of Lerner who needs to go to jail for her actions.

The latest excuse is Lerners Emails have magically disappeared from her hard drive. Emails are stored on a server and if they disappeared it requires an act of immense efforts. Unlike erasing tapes taking key peoples names out of servers requires multiple tech pros. If Lerners emails were stored off the server she is in violation of  the records rules. In this case we have no reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. One can assume the worst and Lerner should be held in contempt until she talks with no immunity. Let her rot in jail for her actions. Why would someone store their emails in such a manner unless they were up to some criminal endeavor.

In my own emails there are all types of jokes, but none off color. A Guyanese person asked me what village my people are from? I said the one with the Village People and the YMCA. Someone asked me about a weird musical group from NYC that dressed in crazy costumes and I said are you referring to KISS. Yes, I do joke about the Village People as they are along with Blondie a part of NYC landscape. Somehow in homophobic NYC YMCA is played at every sporting event alongside "We are the Champions" by Queen
if a team wins. Gays are just part of NYC culture and other than the tacky parades are fairly innocuous and mainstream. There were a few jokes about a Surf Band that dresses up like Hasidic Jews. They are pretty good and most members are Jewish so this is proof almost anyone except my brother can potentially be cool. I still can't find a CD but someday....

The disaster at the border is Obama inspired. In the fantasy land where Obama lives immigrants don't react to our policies and abide by our laws. Obama initiates a policy of non enforcement of settled law and grants benefits to people illegally smuggled in as children. Then is shocked by a tidal wave of children seeking similar amnesty.

The impact of the Obama policies on the lives of the working poor  is worse than hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Lets cut hours for low paid workers to avoid Obamacare but raise the minimum wage. The result is underemployment and the working poor are worse off than ever. Of course there are jobs in the energy
sector, but Obama is more concerned with his University faculty loafers than working families.

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