Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Shady games at Huffington

The folks over at Huffington are quite amusing. I am no fan of Donald Trump. However, the rant about Trumps race baiting from a buddy of Al Sharpton is amusing. In a post that is supposed to be about the Central Park Five it spends plenty of time about Obama.

If the Central Park Five got a raw deal much of the blame belongs directly at Al Sharpton's feet. The article neglects Sharpton calling the victim a whore and blaming her boyfriend for the rape. This bombastic blame the victim race garbage clouded the entire case. Sharpton could have argued facts and logic instead he chose to call a rape victim by name a whore.

The overwhelming evidence of innocence is a fantasy of those looking for dreams. The fact that Reyes DNA was found does not infer he was not part of the group. In fact the injuries are not consistent with a single perpetrator. Nor does Reyes confession he acted alone stand up to the case facts. Nor does the convenient
confession ( no additional prison time for Reyes) and the subsequent crimes of Reyes have anything to do with this case. It was well known from the confessions that there were more than six assailants.

If there is blame to be assigned in this case it belongs to Sharpton and media clown lawyers trying to turn the judicial system into racial comedy. The case should have been argued on facts and logic, but the defense didn't have them. Rather than argue facts and logic the case was argued as deranged drama.

I leave the readers of Huffington to ponder if a friend of Sharpton who called a rape victim a whore should be complaining about Trumps words.

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