Friday, July 18, 2014

Usual leftist BS

Predictably, our friend Poultry has been at it about Gaza. Arabs die by the score in Iraq and Syria. The left really is not interested until its sainted contrived ethnicity is involved. The lunatics at ISIS may be genocidal but they speak a truth. There is no such animal as Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis and Pseudosinians. Given that Arabs have an abundance of colonized land this Pseudostine obsession boils down to leftist repackaging of Judenfrei real estate.

Israel has made generous offers and has shown restraint. Russia leveled Grozny for far less than the Arab provocations. Hammas overplayed the rocket bit and Israel adapted.

Araba, Anatolians and Turks need to get off of Kurdish land. Unlike Pseudostinians Kurds are a genuine indigenous people and far more deserving of a state. Arabs also need to carve out enclaves for Berbers
and Copts who also have a better case than contrived Arab ethnicities.

If lefties really cared about the folks in Gaza they would cease the bait and switch game and let Egypt annex the area. The residents of Gaza are Egyptian, but were morphed for political expediency.

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