Sunday, July 27, 2014

Clueless leftist morons

I want to point out the usual boorishness of leftists. A leftist from North Africa who is married to a woman from the same region hinted I am a racist because I haven't dated Black or Muslim women. I want to point out this is likely incorrect as I have dated Dominican and Albanian women in college. Ironically a more serious dating situation was with a couple of Cuban women who by Judaic law turned out to be Jews.

First of all choice of a romantic partner is a strictly personal matter. Anyone can make choices according to the dictates of whatever. My Guyanese family is mostly Hindu with some Christians. I do not have to defend my my choices to a Muslim person who married a Muslim from the same country. In fact I really don't care who is in a relationship with whom.


Duckys here said...

You were just stopped without probable cause and asked for ID. Didn't happen to me much more often all through the 60's.
Must be something about you.

The folks at work just ostracize and harass you for no apparent reason.

And you imagine someone just out of the blue calling you a racist.

My guess is that you don't pick up cues correctly.
Aspergers> Would explain a lot.

beakerkin said...

They did have probable cause. I was a stranger in VT with unusual behaviors by VT standards. Buying toiled paper at 3AM and getting gas at odd hours is not the norm. I arrived at the same time as a drug ring.

The workplace bullying was by a person who had done this for twenty years. I was not the first, but most likely the last. Leave it
to the know it all Duck to miss a

Lefties are fond of race. It is no
big deal to me. My relationships
are my own affair. The lawyers who
represent various communities praise my work. They are not quite
as fond of my critics.