Monday, July 28, 2014

A Sick and Abnormal Lifestyle

I admire those with a hard work ethic. In a normal religion having a good work ethic is a basic value. Once again my brother the Frummie has annoyed me. It is not as if he does not earn money as he has two jobs that earn him low six figures. His useless wife has not held gainful employment for years.

At the center of this idiotic lifestyle is a sense of entitlement. If you aren't using your car much naturally they will pester every relative. They have no concern about the impact of their lifestyle quirks on others and act as if they are center of the Universe.

Ordinarily, I don't work overtime. Unfortunately, the Diblassio/ Obama economy has impacted my girlfriend's home and I have to pitch in. When I do work overtime, I sleep at her house because the Saturday commute would require me to leave at 2AM. The extra two hours sleep make a difference.

Unfortunately, there is yet another emergency and he requires yet another car. I had to return home and barely made it. I fell asleep in the foyer. The Sabbath ends late and of course he needs something but has multiple errands related to his bizarre lifestyle and can only make it at 2AM. He needs a favor, but shows zero consideration for anyone. Has the notion of renting a car ever occurred to  the frummies. My sisters financial situation is much worse, but he comes with his hands out and feels entitled because he is frum.

I am jealous of my friend whose brother is in jail. At least his sibling has a work ethic and is not annoying. My brother in laws has a gay sibling who is a more balanced considerate person and is culturally literate.
Frummies are inconsiderate cultural illiterates who are disgraces and should keep company with their own kind.

My brother has asked to meet my family. I told him that I do not want to subject my family to his lifestyle.
I could have purchased another car long ago, but frummies don't respect relatives property or time. Why should I bother with another car when he drives mine into the ground and will take the next one.

I rewrote my will and cut him out and explained the car was not worth it.

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Duckys here said...

I thought you already gave these freeloaders your car?

You need to learn to say no ... to a number of people in your life.