Sunday, July 27, 2014

Police Brutality and You

I want to talk about Police Brutality and some common sense points not being discussed by ignorant far left media types. There is no discussion about the role of the conduct of the citizen in any of these cases. The focus has been incorrectly placed on the police. Zero attention has been placed on the conduct of the citizen
in these cases. Unfortunately, I have plenty of experience in these situations as small town Barney Fife cops stopped me more than twenty times while living in Northern VT. For the record I am alabaster white and have green-blue eyes.

1) When requested to stop. Do so
2) Answer all questions to the best of your ability.
3) Never display a bad attitude or challenge the police.

A typical stop outside a KFC in Vermont.

"Some ID"
I provide ID as requested
"You are a long way from home. What are you doing here."
" I am getting a bite to eat and JP's is closed at this hour"
This response was said calmly and demonstrates local knowledge.
" You work around here let me see your ID"
I present my ID.
"How come you don't have a local drivers license."
"My job is temporary and can end in three months at which time I will return home. "

None of my answers were disrespectful. I think I made a joke about liking the biscuits better than the chicken. There is a difference between laughing at someone and making a joke all can share as a common  experience.

There were times Police questioned me at the local Park. Had I been dressed like Steve Urkel this would not have happened. However reading a book on a Park Bench with a Diet Mountain Dew at 4 or in a green space near a train station is not common. My responses were always respectful including once where I got locked out with no shoes and was tiptoeing through an alley in the dark to get to my car for the spare.

Always remain calm and if you think your rights have been violated tell it to a judge. You are never going to
win a verbal argument with a cop even if they are 100% wrong.

This does not excuse excessive force but in almost every video on this subject the victim is out of control. Lefties exacerbate racial angles, but the real issue is composure. Your responsibility when stopped by the police is to remain calm and answer questions honestly. I got stopped on my way back from the grocery store at 3AM. The police asked where I am coming from and I told them Price Chopper to buy toilet paper
and some Captain Crunch. I joked how I went for those two items and ended up with a few more items. There was a conversation about Liverwurst which is a NYC thing among old timers. It is even referenced in Welcome Back Kotter.

Do not debate search and seizure or probable cause. Even if you are criminal the penalties are so light that
you will likely plea bargain anyway to disorderly conduct or a fine.

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Mike's America said...

Nine times out of ten the guy who is speeding past me at 15-20 miles over the speed limit is black. Of course when he gets pulled over he's going to assume it's because he's black, not because he's speeding.