Sunday, July 06, 2014

Lois Lerners Criminal Acts

As a public servant one is familiar with the ethics training every employee of the Federal government receives annually. Lerner is an attorney and involved with administrative law and held to a higher standard than a clerk.

Employees of the government are protected from lawsuits when their mistakes occur within the official duties of the job. This is actually a topic one considers at some level each and every day. My boss who is an attorney would be the first to tell you I veer towards caution and restraint. In general the rules that dictate my job is the need to know. In one case, I told another supervisor just discussing the specifics of what was in that file would likely land me with an EEO issue. In this instance this supervisor had a need to know in order to carry out her job. She did an outstanding job with the case and was a great help.

On the job there is zero room for anything less than impartiality. There are who layers of laws that govern abusing your authority. I had a different conversation with a staff attorney about what is profiling and what is due diligence. Person A is from a country with issues of terrorism. There is no evidence the person in front of me is involved. Routine questioning is the norm and unless something in the response warrants additional scrutiny that is the end. Person B is from the same country and has a money laundering arrest. The crime has been identified and additional scrutiny is warranted. Person C is not from a country where terrorism is an issue but has the same arrest. Additional scrutiny is warranted on a criminal basis without the national security  angle.

 If person A were subjected to extended questioning solely on the basis of country of origin, this would be an ethical violation. Additionally, this would be a waste of time, resources and a public relations disaster. As people are not perfect sometimes this does happen. When I am being questioned for security clearance sometimes I have to remind the investigator of the boundaries. This is typically done with the phrase I will answer that question although it falls into my zone of privacy and is not pertinent to your investigation. An experienced investigator gets the hint, but new ones do not. The subject of what is an alias is a sticking point.
A religious ceremonial name was termed an alias. I pointed out this was not a name I use. Other than two members of my immediate family nobody knows what my exact ceremonial name. These names are so obscure they are placed in index cards at the house of worship. Moreover, they are categorized as translations of my name in a foreign language used for solely for religious ceremonies and not aliases.

In the case of Lerner, she abused her position to adversely impact those with political views she opposed.
Lerner as a lawyer and managerial level employee are held to high standards. She was aware that she was violating the law and should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. In fact her actions are so heinous that a set of new laws should be crafted named after her.

Leftists are fond of invoking paranoia about Black Listing and counter intelligence operatives infiltrating Peace Movements. Lefties leave out the part that Communists were indeed advocating support for Stalinism
and Communists did commit treason and spy for a hostile foreign power. In most cases Communists were
never confronted directly for their insane beliefs. In the case of the Vietnam Protesters, lefties forget about the criminality and direct ties to domestic terrorism of the protest leaders, Lefties omit rampant vandalism, large scale drug use and Communist leadership of Peace Protests.

Lerner is a leftist who abused her authority to prevent people she politically opposed from participating fully in their First Amendment rights. She was part of a government agency that trampled on the rights of peaceful
TEA Party activists to organize and participate in the electoral process. Donor and membership list were leaked in direct violation of the Privacy Act. Additional government agencies harassed these same people.
Lefties talk about voter ID cards suppressing the vote but remain silent on the actions of Lerner.

Lois Lerner is possibly the greatest villain in American history aside from Criminals and racial arsonists. Now some of you would point to Benedict Arnold. General Arnold's multiple heroic actions and his mistreatment
by some cronies make his case less odious than the crimes of Lerner. Richard Nixon did many admirable
things prior to Watergate. The crimes of Lerner are far more serious than Watergate.

Now the voices of the left who talk of marching with Dr. King and raises the often criminal peace protester
are silent about actual abuse of people for ideas they disagree with. When David Horowitz, Ron Radosh and other former leftists talk about the totalitarian aspects of the American left many of you laugh. The silence of the mainstream Democrats about the crimes of Lerner is deafening.  


Duckys here said...

@beak -- the rights of peaceful
TEA Party activists to organize and participate in the electoral process.

So you admit that the organizations investigated were campaign organizations and not public service groups.

So you admit there was no law broken.

As usual the only law you break is the law of subject/verb agreement.
You really need an editor, Beak. I hope you have someone proofread when you fill out the forms.

beakerkin said...


Lets do this slowly as you are slow of mind. As a Commie concepts like ethics and law are above your limited capacity.

Every government official takes multiple ethics and record keeping
training classes. Lerner violated
every single facet of the ethics training given to Federal employees. She did so knowingly and maliciously. As an attorney she is held to a higher standard.

The actions of Lerner are pernicious and more appropriate in
a Castroite setting than the USA.
She belongs in jail and stripped
of her pension.

The groups in question had every right to organize peacefully. Funny, as a lefty you might not like this precedent if the winds shift.

Lerner also released the lists of donors illegally. This is a direct
and intentional violation of the Privacy Act. Lerner trashed the core of the Hatch Act. Perjury is also a crime and as an attorney she does not even grasp how one pleads the Fifth. She appears to have tampered with evidence in an investigation.

Then again as a good Commie Lerner
is your avatar. The ends justify the means. Your kind still venerates an Argentine slob who had an American sexual predator execute people without trials.

Mike's America said...

Dicky/Ducky would deny to the Tea Party the same democratic rights enjoyed by every left wing labor union and black church that maintains a tax free status yet engages in political activities.

That is what so infuriated the left about the Citizens United decision. They can't win if there is a level playing field.