Monday, July 28, 2014

The Proctor and Gamble Blues

Recently, I went to the local drug store to buy body wash. Living in a large household it is impossible for others not to know what personal hygiene products one has. Unfortunately, my adult step son discovered that Gillette Odor Control body wash gets the job done. Making it worse the rest of the family discovered it too. There should be a house rule preventing women from taking mans soap. Lord knows I avoid the Mrs over priced shampoo and conditioner.

I went to my local drug store and they were short of my beloved Proctor and Gamble products. I purchased a hip and cool brand that is used by the 20 somethings. For the first time in my life I felt dirtier after a shower
than in the shower. My hair feels like a bad raccoon coat and smells like an industrial accident. Even when I sweat it doesn't smell that bad.

I am so embarrassed, that I ran to the local drug store at work. My boss said it can't be that bad. Funny but her hair doesn't feel like a bad toupee and smell like a landfill. Once again the drug store was short of Proctor and Gamble products, but I found the last bottle of 3X. I am hoping this can take the stink out of my hair and make it feel human.

Moral of the story, products marketed to 20 somethings usually suck. If it touches my hair its got to be Proctor and Gamble.

Ladies unless you like calling your husband Yul stay away from the man soap.

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Mike's America said...

"I felt dirtier after a shower
than in the shower."

Was Mylie Cyrus playing on the radio?