Thursday, July 03, 2014

Just Saying

There are those who are bent out of shape over what appears to be a revenge killing in Israel. Of course the Obama administration rushed to condemn this retaliation. Frankly given the behavior and intransigence of Arabs I am shocked this type of retaliation does not happen much more frequently.

Arabs kill themselves daily for no reason. They mistreat and abuse others and sit upon plenty of colonized real estate. They have land in abundance, yet they demand more ethnically cleansed land.

It has not been established how this person died. The Israelis will make an effort to find and punish the killer.
The PA regularly lynches alleged collaborators regularly and nobody cares or worries about rights.


Duckys here said...

"Israeli settlers, in two separate incidents, reportedly ran over a 28-year-old Palestinian man near Hebron and a 9-year-old girl near Bethlehem in the West Bank on June 30, shortly after Israeli forces discovered the three Israeli teenagers’ bodies."

That's from Human Rights Watch and they have a number of other reports of revenge killings.

And you want people to believe these will be investigated? Please, don't embarrass yourself.

Always On Watch said...

Happy Independence Day!

Always On Watch said...

I'm so weary of Moslem whining -- and of our POTUS's promoting such whining.

Always On Watch said...

Warren is scheduled to be on the radio show today.

beakerkin said...


Sorry I fell asleep. Went back from
Queens more gunfire outback.


Israel has a record of prosecuting crimes and it is not a certainty that what you describe are crimes.
I will point to the Blood libel snuff film which was perpetrated by the media.

Of course you are an apologist for
a system with preordained verdicts
and show trials.