Monday, July 14, 2014

The Black Book of the American Left

As I am very familiar with the writings of David Horowitz and have read almost all of his books I did not expect to enjoy a greatest hits collection. If you have not read David Horowitz you should start with Radical Son and try to find a copy of the brilliant Second Thoughts Conference. Actually, I would love to see that book released again with updated materials.

If you are not familiar with the material it is very worth reading. If you have read the book passage of time has given new meaning to certain essay, such as the authors experience with information leaked about the NSA decades before the current mess.

I want to thank the author for informing and entertaining me for more than three decades. Reading Horowitz is part of my youth. I picked up my first book after listening to him being interviewed on the Bob Grant Show. This is also where I learned about many fine authors that are familiar to us today. Grant read the books cover to cover and was a much better interviewer than he was ever given credit for. From the works of David Horowitz I learned about the works of Ronald Radosh, Richard Poe and many others. Horowitz was never shy about promoting books of others.


Duckys here said...

"... such as the authors experience with information leaked about the NSA decades before the current mess."

Nothing we all weren't aware of at the time.

beakerkin said...

For someone who is so familiar with
the writings of Horowitz this is an amazing gaffe. The article in question was about the NSA and has been covered at FPM many times.

Duckys here said...

The crack IDF precision targeting kills four boys playing on a beach. Wonder if there will be charges.

Probably not. he kids were only "pseudo". Not even people, right?

beakerkin said...

The Arabs have only themselves to
blame. Residents of Gaza are Egyptian. How many have to die for the obsession with bait and switch
faux ethnicities.

They die in greater numbers in Syria and Iraq and you don't notice. Spare me your self righteousness, its about Jews