Monday, July 07, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cell Meeting

Yet another bad Beakerkin Satire.

Ducky: Jewdulous will you get of your working Capatalist Kiester and fetch me my Das Capital. You have to drive the chariot to the Cell meeting. Stop daydreaming you Zionist Pig.

Beakerkin: Some workers paradise. I do all the work and these demented idiots keep the masses in check with the dumb Jooo bit. More Judenfrei real estate sounds familiar, add a contrived ethnicity for new packaging and it sounds familiar.

Ducky: Jewdolous are you pondering about that again your sainted Zionists allied with Nazis...
Beakerkin: Actually, you commies allied with Nazis to divide Europe until they double crossed you. Your sainted leader of the Arabs was a Nazi War criminal.
Ducky: Recidivist Zionist, I should send you to the Gulag for rootless cosmopolitanism.
Beakerkin: Off to camps now does that sound familiar
Ducky: Never mind just get me to the cell meeting. We can talk about the wonders of the workers state.
Beakerkin: When do the workers actually see this wonder.
Ducky: Jewdolous you are living it now. You are merely suffering from false consciousness.
Beakerkin: I would settle for a slice of Wonder Bread
Ducky: Stupid working class dolt. Wonderbread is poison made by Capitalists. Fish heads and vegtable ends are better for you.
Voice of wife in the backround: Big time commissar. He doesn't do his husbandly duties. Bateries are running out at the co-operative....
Ducky: Lets go fast. I can't handle the thought of that beast. Always wanting sex shouldn't once a year be enough. Quick lets go before I have to.......
Jewdulous: Work is good for your cardio.....
Ducky: QUICK Jewdoulous I can feel her high cholesterol comming down the stairs. The townhouse is shaking.

We're off thank God Jewdoulous the thought of all that heavy lifting. She was wonderful 500ls ago, but I married for party loyalty not love.
Jewdoulus: I forgot our ID lets go back
Ducky: Don't even joke about that Jewdoulous I can't handle the thought. Onward....

Tune in for more next time.

With Guest Stars

Renegade Testicle: As the good self hating Jooo
Troutsky: As a faux intellectual
Che Bob: As the grand leader Che Sponge Bob
Beakeranbo: As the the other slave Confusicus

Mr Beamish: The Great Gasmasked Capitalist.


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Duckys here said...

@Beak --- I should send you to the Gulag for rootless cosmopolitanism
Slugging down Diet Dew, listening exclusively to surf music, shutting yourself in your office with the forms and eating crappy fast food at Potbellies is cosmopolitan?