Monday, July 14, 2014

Facing Mortality

Bloggers seldom have any real wisdom to pass on. Over the course of this blog many have left this world
and how much they evolved or their legacy is best left unsaid. I am not thinking of death in this post but growth.

Politics is a dead end and much of the Democratic party is filled with Marxist morons. They peddle empty words and toss about a few crumbs. The other day multiple Obama supporters conceded to me that he is
mostly an empty suit droning on and looking at his image in the mirror. Of course droning on and on incoherently about hope and change and a resume more befitting a group home than the White House should have been obvious. We were told the President is a Constitutional scholar, but his works are nowhere to be seen.

Government is a collection of mediocrity leading mediocrity. Seldom if ever does a person with genuine vision and competence rise to a power of significance. Most of the rest are cronies who go to the same parties and build crews. I am fond of the current team though I am my own man beholden to  naught but the wind and public service. I don't volunteer answers, but I will respond to questions in frank terms. The agency I work with is great with numbers, but has no idea what they mean. We have leaders who change procedures and policies with zero idea of how to implement them.

In general always remember the ends don't justify the means Those that operate like this can triumph in the short term. However, their moral and technical shortfalls become apparent as they move up the chain and sometimes fall from great heights. Be proud of your peer and supportive if they earn a promotion through merit. Mentor and give a hand up to those around you as it may prove beneficial at a later date.

On a personal level, no relationship is more close to the heart than being a father. No times are more special than a childhood even if there were rough times.  I remember walking in the woods with Rusty the mostly
German Shepard who loved kids. He always knew the way back home but I was never lost. He was gentle and loving to kids, but fierce if a pack of stray dogs were near. He would protect and return to family pet in seconds. The Maltese Rex loves me very much and never leaves my side. When I had food poisoning he sat
by my bed for days following me on every trip to the bathroom. He kept everyone at a distance from the bed. He is a great dog and a good friend, but he is not Rusty.He is the daughters pet who wants to hang out
with the big kids.

I love my daughter for who she is. She is not in my shadow, nor will she walk in my shoes. Her world is a simpler place that will be more ethereal than my life. In my world it was common to debate great ideas, discuss art and theater or the stock market. Hers is a simpler more typical path as her mothers family does not have a scholarly tradition. She does pick up bits and pieces from me but that is all. Oddly, my whole life i wanted to be what she is now. Unfortunately, my abilities and charisma never allowed me to live in the shadows. I am amazed that people I haven't seen for thirty years remember me. Usually, I have forgotten them.

I am not certain when and where I became more of a loving the moment type. People will point to my frequent support of the gay community at work. In essence,  the argument changed from self righteous
screaming to live and let live. I don't care what the person next door does so long as consenting adults are
the sole participants. One of the notorious fights at work started when an imbecile at work believed she had "gaydar" and she sees  gay men like Elmer Fudd sees rabbits. Race was never a big deal to me. My relationships look like the UN and I don't have a type.

I am hostile to theocracy in every application. I have a love of true Christians who are not beholden to that abomination Liberation theology. Those who practice the Jewish equivalent are on a moral par with Capos.
No doubt the faker from the West Coast will threaten to sue me. I reject the hasidic movement as cult like
clods and despise the Satmar almost as much as communists. Sorry, but you clowns need to find gainful employment. Oddly, as some of the Jews live in close proximity to the Pseudostinians their anger is reflected
into a mirror image.

There needs to be a realistic dialogue with Muslims that is prevented by the left. Islam needs a stern look at its own colonial history and abuses of indigenous people before we move forward. No problem with the peaceful practice of any religion including Islam. However, the cult of perpetual victim hood and  rationalizing criminal behavior needs to cease.

Lastly, take time to enjoy the small things in life. Enjoy a sunset, or a cool breeze, the embrace of a loved one, share a laugh with a friend, listen to music you enjoy, read a book for pleasure, read the news... skip that.

In the end I am fortunate to have worked a job where I hear heart felt thank yous often. Say thank you to the bus driver and clerks. Try and be there for a peer who is down.

Life ends before you know it so make as many productive moments as you can.

I want to thank everyone in my life past, present and future.

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