Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Crisis at the border and heartland

I want to open with a simple reminder that any system with millions of humans is complex and volatile. In general, I support many of the Obama policies.

1) We should focus our energies and limited resources on criminal cases and fraud. Deportation even in those areas is a time consuming process and we should use our resources wisely.

2) Extending recognition to gay and lesbian couples.

All this being said there appears to be a clueless belief that immigrants will just be a constant. Actually, immigrants react to our policies. The situation at our border is a direct consequence of non enforcement
of our laws. If you remove the consequence of deportation this is the result.

In the coming days the administration will have to act. The problem is way too large. Perhaps like Katrina or Sandy there will be a deployment. Like either my odds of going are zero as people who produce are kept on duty.

The story of why Obama is not held accountable remains unknown. By now a leader like Michael Bloomberg would be acting decisively. A leader is supposed to lead and Obama just is poor at taking charge of anything and producing results.

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