Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Long Live Kurdistan

A lefty coworker stated that my desire to create Kurdistan is loyalty to Israel. Funny, I asked this person to compare the case for Pseudostine and Kurdistan. Kurds are too civilized to toss US senior citizens in wheel chairs off ocean liners. They have their own identity going back thousands of years and a unique language.

The folks at ISIS may be terrorists, but they are honest. There is no such thing as Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians and Pseudostinians. Arabs already posses an abundance of land, but aided by Communists have created a bait and switch game with a contrived ethnicity. The odious overtones of creating Jew free apartheid states are quite obvious.

Meanwhile our lefty friend points out Turkey is an ally and a member of NATO. It is a regime that is occupying Kurdish land and needs to stop oppressing Kurds. This does not stop the mindless oppressive Turkish government from running boats to Gaza and lecturing Israel.

I also pointed out that Israel has been quite restrained in response to repeated transgressions. One need look no further than Grozny to see how governments respond to these provocations. Moreover, Israel arrested terrorists for killing an Arab. When and where do Arabs ever get around to arresting terrorists and lets not pretend that Arabs don't know who killed the three Jews.

I want to point out had I questioned the patriotism of my Muslim coworker I would be guilty of an EEO violation. However, stating that a Jew who has never set foot in Israel is disloyal goes unnoticed.

Lefties who venerate Arabs but ignore Kurds are hypocrites.


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Mike's America said...

As far as I am aware, the Kurds have never caused any trouble to those on our side. I have no problem with an independent Kurdistan. Of course it means Iraq being split into three zones and there is likely to be a very great deal of negative fallout from that.