Sunday, July 13, 2014

Strange comment by simpleton

A Muslim coworker is outraged by Israel's occupation of Arab land. I pointed out Arabs have been and continue to occupy Kurdish, Berber and Coptic lands. All of those people have superior claims to nation status than the sainted Pseudostinians.

In fact the wonderful folks at ISIS may be blood thirsty criminals, but they are factual when they are trying to
make a caliphate. There is no such animal as an Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian, Saudi or Pseudostinian. These are
Arabs who have colonized lands of others. Essentially, this is more Judenfrei real estate sanctioned by the left.

I have asked Palestinian advocates what makes the claim of Palestine superior to that of Kurds, Berbers and various tribal groups. Thus far I have not received a factual logic based answer. The best my coworker could claim was a Jewish propensity to divide and conquer.

The coworker was outraged by Abu Gharib. I pointed out this is not torture and even those who lived under Saddam would point out the difference. Amputating limbs, raping women in front of their relatives is actual torture, panties on the head is not. The inmates at Abu Gharib are not and never were POW, they were unlawful combatants. The real crime is that the activities were gratuitous and not part of an organized interrogation. If panties on the head gives us something useful than go ahead.

Commies remain quite silent on torture of Americans who do fight in uniforms. There was never any cry for our POW's who faced real torture. Nor has the usual leftards said a peep about actual snuff films starring Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg. Sorry, but the outrage of panties on the head and so forth is trivial and the culprits were punished.

The same coworker was outraged about an Arab Kid being killed by Israelis. I pointed out the Israeli government will find and punish those guilty of this act. I am frankly amazed given the repeated crimes that
this type of vigilante behavior doesn't happen more frequently.

The latest bit is from the airstrikes in Gaza. How many Israelis have died? The Israelis built a shield and the reason the numbers are low is that it is effective. If the folks in Gaza quit shooting rockets and engaging in terror the response would stop.

Funny, but dead Arabs in Syria and Iraq by the score don't seem to bother lefties.


Duckys here said...

Well, Beak, it's like this.

The idea of a two state solution obsolete. Only the suckers think it will happen.

The idea of an apartheid state is very much alive and by holding a million Palestinians in an open air concentration camp, Israel is making its future precarious.

So continue to be stupid and spout your cute little "pseudostinian" nonsense but the time is coming.

By the way, am I wrong that of all the people who ruled Palestine before 1948 the Israelites ruled the shortest time?
Not that you'd ever try to rewrite history.

beakerkin said...

Arabs have enough colonized lands and the folks at ISIS disagree with
your poor phantom ethnicity.

Obviously your grasp of history is tainted by your communist faith and
pathological obsession with Jooooos.