Monday, July 21, 2014

The Failure of the Jewish Community

One of the greatest failures of the Jewish Community is the refusal to discuss where Jew hatred comes from.
Other groups such as gays and Blacks have very little difficulty pointing out where bigots come from, Jews
have great difficulty discussing any type of bigots other than the White Power/Nazi type

The most obvious place that these bigots come from is the Muslim community. Not all Muslims have this obsession, but enough do. In general some of this is our fault. Some of us spend way too much time trying
to build bridges. In general, I don't discuss politics at work and the insistence of some to ask questions is annoying. The usual quip that Jews are supposed to be liberal is a common theme. The concept of intellectual independence is unfamiliar to recent immigrants.

There  are a handful of right wing kooks. Usually, one will see them hanging around Stormfront or more commonly in any gathering of Ron Paul fans. The latter pretend they are conservative, but you can find them at OWS  repeating lefty themes. Less common are the obsessive Pat Buchanan types that can be found at OWS or at left wing rallies.

The most pernicious and vile  Jew obsessed lunatics are Marxists. Jews who dig Marx are the moral equivalent of Capos. We have seen plenty of hateful signs and rhetoric, but the Jewish community fails to point out the tie multiple times. The truth is Marxism has a religious dimension and those who pretend they
Jews only do so to advance the criminal faith. No doubt the litigious loser will threaten another lawsuit.
When addressing these lunatics one should put the term Rabbi in quotation marks. Perhaps this will be grounds for the next lawsuit.

On this blog we seldom write about Israel. It comes up in passing when obsessed and intemperate Marxists
have behavioral issues. I did not blog on Gaza , because others cover the subject. While I support Israel, I am far more apt to sped time in Guyana. I have yet to hear Poultry direct any verbiage towards this aspect
of my persona. Lefties have made a mess out of Guyana, but as in Vermont I remain quiet. I am on vacation or passing through and locals can attend their own matters quite well.


Duckys here said...

I am far more apt to spe(n)d time in Guyana. I have yet to hear Poultry direct any verbiage towards this aspect of my persona.
I am always curious about this strange belief that you are Guyanese.

beakerkin said...

I have Guyanese family and am very active in the local Guyanese community. When I go abroad it is to
stay at the family compound.

Guyana is a perfect example of the damage your ilk can inflict on a country.

Unlike Obama who never lived in a Black enclave or was raised in a Black household, I live in a Guyanese household in a Guyanese enclave. Obama did attend a racist
antisemitic Marxist Black Liberation theology Church but was
given a free pass by the media.

Other than using his skin color to get into schools and employment he was totally unqualified for Obama
has had little to do with the Black Community. He never lived in a Black household until marriage.