Sunday, July 20, 2014

Leftist Boorishness

When a Tea Party supporter allegedly uses the N word to Rep Cummings the media makes a big deal. When terrorists acting in the name of Islam kill gratuitously we get the familiar messages that not all Muslims are terrorists. When a single Pseudostinian is killed in a revenge attack it makes headlines. When Jews are killed or persecuted by Muslims or leftists the media reports it in passing.

Part of the blame for this mess belongs to Jews themselves. We are too busy to go on the offensive and apologetic when provoked. No doubt Pam Geller and such could create an Islamic snuff film. We could show crazed Muslims beheading Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg and others great hits. We could even show the famed Paliwood greatest fakes staring Mr Green Helmet. 

In the USA there is a concept of civility. We leave our political BS at the door and do our jobs. Those on the left seem to forget this.  I am not here to debate foreign policy or Obamacare. I say very little about the crisis on the border on the job. The sole exception to this was when the policy changed to adjudicate gay marriage cases my support was vocal. The notion that I as a civil servant, should treat any applicant with anything less than my best is offensive.

I get annoyed with lefties nosing around my library at work. What I read is my own affair. I have never heard of a Conservative doing anything similar to a leftist. I am more than perplexed at lefties whose entire history is rife with treason pointing the finger at my patriotism. Funny, I don't see any other group subjected to this idiocy. 


Duckys here said...

Someone looked at a book in your office?
Does that constitute creating a hostile work environment or workplace bullying?

beakerkin said...

Few workers have a library. It is annoying that people go through mine regularly. It is boorish behavior