Sunday, July 20, 2014

The End Of A Faith

Israel will fall in my lifetime. The culprits will be directly related to a class of lazy religious imbeciles whose behavior ranges from boorish to treasonous. The state can not and should not permit a lazy depraved lifestyle on the dole for generations.

Some of these culprits claim Israel is an abomination and they don't take money from it. They merely take food, medical and every other type of subsidy under the sun. Then they turn around and bad mouth the State
and the wider community. Sorry but mendicants should know better than to lecture those that support this lifestyle of sloth.

These groups do not functionally educate their children to a level where they can be gainfully employed. They
trash the wider community while sticking their hand out for charity. The level of child abuse and domestic violence are high. One community continues to rally behind a convicted pedophile and threaten the victim.

In a rational world some of the benefit fraud would trigger RICO type actions. Unfortunately our political leaders ignore our laws due to block voting.

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