Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Cell Meeting

Ducky: You have no idea how horrible it is to.....
Jewdolus: Please I just ate my fish heads.
Ducky: You think you got trouble. Your only a slave I got to..... The things a good Marxist must do in the name of the cause.
Jewdolus: (snicker)
Ducky: I would give anything not to have to perform my husbandly duties with that foul beast.
Jewdolus: Even watch the Dukes of Hazzard....
Ducky: I'll give you your freedom....but no redneck TV. Put down that Axe. I will not have you kill the woman I once loved no matter how beastly she is now.
Jewdolus: I wasn't thinking of killing the Mrs.
Ducky: Violence is only the answer when done by the party. Stop smirking.
Jewdolus: Well we could remove the....
Ducky: I will not be castrated. Qiet here comes the beasts slave Confusicus.
Beakerambo: Meeeep, Meeep
Jewdolus: She ate the parrot again with red wine.
Ducky: How do you understand that blathering idiot
Jewdolus: You speak the same language.....
Ducky: Stop %%^7 me you know I mean Confusicus.
Jewdolus: Watch Rambo 3 85 times....
Ducky: Do I hear a cow.
Confusicus: Meeeeeep
Ducky: Yeah I know I married her for better or worse. I feel cheap and tawdry.
Jewdolus: You are cheap just not in the way you think.
Ducky:If I were to turn the lights down. I could have that blathering take my place.
Confusicus: MEEEEEEP
Ducky: He said quit whinning and do your job. He said that if he did that cow you'd never get any be cause he's hung like a horse.
Jewdolous: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Duckys here said...

Pretty bizarre humor.

You having problems with the ersatz "family"?