Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama's Invisible People

You hear much rhetoric from the administration about the working poor. However, the administration has done anything and everything to make their lives hell. A typical example is in my own family. The Daily News wrote about the low wage jobs at the airport. It carefully avoids discussing 29 hour work weeks caused by Obamacare.

Obama has pushed aliens into the laborforce. Low skilled Americans now have countless people looking for the same job.  Employers have no rationale to raise wages or hire full time employees.

Its time to stop pretending that Obama cares about poor people because he is Black. His policies have hurt the working poor, young Americans and scores of other groups. He seems more focused on the TEA Party than Al Queda.

It used to be that students who graduated with a nursing degree found work in seconds. My waiter in the Greek Diner can't find work. The stunning Latina single mom has an associates degree and no work.

While Obama and his media elite cronies play golf and eat fondue America suffers. Obama trades hardened terrorists for a deserter. His foreign policy seems designed by pot heads for pot heads. His best friend is the corrupt hypocritical tyrant in Turkey. Yes Turkey, the same one fixated on Israel while ignoring actual indigenous Kurds. Did we mention the suppression of  secular protesters in Turkey?

Electing Obama did not erase the racial sins of the past. No person could do that with a mere elected post.
The election of an incompetent pot head has hurt all kinds of Americans.

Where are these invisible people who work 29 hours. Don't blame the corporations for the mess created by
Obama. Blame Obama for absurd support for programs that hurt the working poor.

Jobs not programs stupid  policy wonks....,

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Our economy is dying!