Thursday, June 05, 2014

Obama doesn't understand the military

The media protected incompetant Obama continues to show incompetence in every facet of his job performance. A POW is one who is captured while serving in the military. Our latest clod is a deserter who
knowingly sought out the enemy. Of course once he got there, he was not treated to Club Med.

There are those who state this imbecile acted out of a moral belief. A person who has a moral objection does not drop his weapons and go AWOL. Nor was this the case of a soldier sneaking off base on a beer run or trying to see a romantic interest. Those actions would also be wrong but fall into the category of as humans we sometimes use bad judgement. If you have a moral objection to something you just come to the front and say No and accept what the system has as a response. You can voice your concerns as part of the disciplinary process that will follow.

Obama has gotten a free pass throughout his life due to his bio and connections to the far left. Long ago he has established he was not qualified to be President. He has never shown an ability to run anything or outstanding vision. He is a party hack elected on an idiotic story that is entirely false. Obama is merely the Prep School Pothead who got a series of jobs through nepotism.

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Always On Watch said...

When are Americans going to say, "Enough of this man!" Obama still has support stats that are too high.

If it does come out definitively that Bergdahl was a deserter -- particularly, if he was a deserter who went over to the enemy -- will Obama have hell to pay, or will he again skate by?